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No ladies, you will have to find that kind of stud by other means. The stud finder I am speaking of allows home owners, carpenters, renters a way to find a solid  vertical wood beam behind their dry wall.

Finding studs is useful since drywall  mounts do not support much weight and can lead to unsightly and difficult to repair gashes in your walls.  Nailing or screwing into you wall studs will provide lasting reliable support for shelves, pictures, flat screen TV mounts, etc.

We shop at ACE Hardware Westlake and one of  their knowledgeable and friendly floor staff directed us to section were the stud finders were located. The Stanley magnetic stud finder you see in the picture was the least expensive of the choices priced at $5.95.  The yellow piece is attached to the silver magnet which will be attracted to nails in the wall stud.

As you run the black base of the stud finder across your wall, the yellow piece will stand straight sort of like the part of the anatomy that is of interest to females when sizing up their studs. The yellow piece will stand erect when it detects a nail in the vertical stud just across the sheet rock. BINGO!, you know  that you will not just be nailing into your weak dry wall.

It does take some time to find the part of the stud with the nails, but that beats having to spend around 30 dollars for something you may use only a few times.

Finally we were motivated to shop at ACE Hardware Westlake because of the 15% cash back offer on our Bank of America Cash Rewards Visa Card which was easily activated online. Also the manager of the place, Timothy Davidson, only hires very competent and helpful employees. They also have great promos for their regular customers with a hassle free way to become registered which does NOT involve having to apply for an in store credit card which could ding your credit score!

Ace Hardware Stanley Magnetic Stud Finder
Ace Hardware Stanley Magnetic Stud Finder

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