Inexpensive High Quality Tabasco Sauce


There are good deals and there are exceptional deals. The full 12 oz bottle of McIlhenny Co. Tabasco sauce cost us $4.98 at Sam’s Club in Roswell,NM. The empty 2 oz bottle on the right was priced at $2.98 at Farmers Market grocery store. So we got 6 times as much of this tasty pepper sauce for less than twice the price of the much smaller Tabasco sauce bottle!

I have never understood the mindset of folks who refuse to pay for a membership to places like Costco and Sam’s Cub. For 40 dollars a year, you get excellent savings and we pay for annual membership after around 4 shopping visits. It is a no-brainer to buy the membership at these warehouse stores. The do not take credit cards which helps to keep their prices down. Credit cards like American Express charge merchants way too much to use AmEx Cards. That is why so many establishments do NOT honor American Express.

Inexpensive Bottle of McIlhenny Co. Tabasco Sauce



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