Medical Option worth a Try


We all know that sick to your stomach, nauseous, impending sense of doom feeling one gets when trying to schedule an appointment with one of the qualified doctors who are in short supply in Roswell NM USA.

You get an overworked, underpaid, secretary/receptionist who may be able to schedule an appointment in around six weeks while insisting you bring your insurance cards that she verifies while you are filling out 4 or 5 pages of forms on that stressful day a month and a half distant.

A friend of our family actually got a useful, relevant piece of snail mail from Quick Care where no appointment is required to be admitted and treated quickly for maladies like flu, playground injuries, allergies, migraine relief, etc.

The lead physician had a write up done in local newspaper mentioning his station in life as a renaissance man. I’m in! Anything to avoid a just out of med school emergency room doc and getting slammed with bills for about half a year!


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  1. This reminds me of the ER horror story of Jon Hagey who was lucky enough to survive a serious bicycle accident. However when the bill for his visit to the ER at Katella Hospital in Los Alamitos, California came in the mail, he could not believe the enormity of the bill.

    “I was in the ER for a couple of hours, and I saw a doctor for about 15 or 20 minutes,” Hagey told Healthline. “I had X-rays on my chest and hand. I had two broken bones in my hand, and my chest was bruised. They fitted me for a soft cast on my hand. Then the bills started pouring in.”

  2. You are mistaken. Dr Eldo Frezza is employed by Lovelace and is trilingual speaking His ethnic Italian and Spanish. He has an MBA and is an adept surgeon, but does NOT work for that walk in, no appointment required medical service place you wrote about

    1. Quick Care advertised at the top of the sports section in RDR(no surprise, only way to get hospital hating man’s attention) is winning the hearts of health insurance hating Roswell citizens. No making appointments;waiting two months to see overworked in medical school debt;green behind the ears physician.

    2. Corpulent Kimberly Montaño had a gastric bypass performed with a bariatric surgeon because that particular surgeon was only doctor insurance would cover. There were complications and surgeon was sued.

      If the fat person had not become morbidly overweight due to poor dietary choices, there would have been no lawsuit.

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