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This is intended to be a moderate, but not excessively comprehensive book review of Special Education subtitled Contemporary Perspectives for School Professionals 3rd Edition by Marilyn Friend. Note that the author attempted to gain more purchases of her well written tome by using Professionals in lieu of educator, teacher,  professor, or instructor. School Professionals is certainly a larger group than aforementioned enumeration indicating any school employee would benefit from a reading.

Much of  the book, which serves as a textbook for alternative licensure and alternate route teachers, details the history and effects of The Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA) of 1997 which emphasizes the importance of placing students diagnosed with disabilities in the most suitable least restrictive environment (LRE).  Most public schools seemed to have interpreted this language as a de facto order for inclusionary practices and placement in general education classrooms. It also covers laws, regulations and litigation surrounding LRE and  prepares the general education teacher to academically receive and educate students with disabilities. The various categories of disabilities under IDEA and how to accommodate and modify curriculum to respect and cater to the needs of the exceptional learner in inclusive settings is also major theme of the textbook.

A comment on the non conventional usage of the term exceptional  is necessary here. Exceptional is a term commonly reserved for way above the norm in smarts or sports for example. The text uses the term exceptional in the challenged sense meaning that exceptional children require more school resources and services to transition them to the infamous “productive member of society” catch phrase.

The textbook is comprised 15 chapters. Chapters 5-15 have the same general learning objectives redundantly listed at each chapter’s beginning with the various disabilities substituted in general template.

  • Define X disability/impairment multiple ways leading to fighting over which definition will identify/diagnose children with said disability.
  • Describe characteristics of individuals with X disability/impairment
  • Explain perspective and concerns of parents of child with X disability/impairment
  • Outline how students with X disability/impairment receive their education
  • Identify trends and issues influencing students with X disability/impairment
  • Discuss recommended educational practices for students with X disability/impairment
  • Summarize the development, usually in the form of historic timeline, for students with X disability/impairment

One can easily see why Special Education subtitled Contemporary Perspectives for School Professionals 3rd Edition became one of the seminal efforts for assisting educators in sensitive and effective delivery of instruction to special needs students. This is not a textbook you will be eager to sell back to the book store. Serious teachers will desire to keep it in their permanent collection as a reference!


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  1. Jennifer Settle a challenged students teacher from Clovis,NM emphatically excoriates standardized tests as a means of evaluating teacher performance. Maybe she should just get into educational book authoring to stay clear of all the administrative bullshit teachers have to tolerate

    1. Related to this is the Helicopter parent phenomenon elucidated so clearly by Julie Lythcott-Haims who was once the Dean of Freshmen and Undergraduate Advising for more than ten years at Stanford University. She has some underwhelming accounts of interactions with parents where fawning overprotective moms and dads engender progeny who become academically and existentially impotent. Psychologist Albert Bandura provides the theoretical underpinnings for the extreme harm of mollycoddling your kiddos. He, incidentally, was one of the few shrinks to stand firm against Dick Miller’s affluenza travesty which ripped hole in the citizenry trust of our judicial system. Ethan Couch is a living symbol of the pathetic state one’s life can assume if uber liberal professionals and their views impose irrationally on our court system.

      1. Somehow I believe British social commentator Tanith Carey would be quite attached to this comment. Tanith gave us the priceless indulgent parent phrase ‘over-sharenting’ . Gotta love it! What a cool portmanteau hybridizing share and parenting!!

        The telegraph content writer pokes fun at sound videos with the “cute kid” farting or burping at meal time in the park OR Instagram photo of eight-month-old Theo’s peachy bottom is all the proof needed to establish his once angry rash is much better.

        Psychologist Angharad Rudkin also states that quiet, quality time is no longer enough for many attention depraved parents competing with each other for the video that will make them $20,000 USD on Ellen.

    2. Arthur Hartwell of Roswell NM might be shocked to learn that his beloved NMMI is full of spoiled self entitled punks who blame the teachers for their academic shortcomings. Many of them have never opened a college textbook and expect teachers to give them review sheets they can memorize the night before the test and brag to their parents about the A they “earned”. This was the way it was 5 years ago when my wife quit working there. Probably much worse now. We see cadets all over town using their smartphones walking around unalert making institute look bad. Learning is the students responsibility, but the majority of the cadets at the West Point of the west don’t see it that way.

      Most of the high school students are disciplined hard working kiddos but many of the college athlete are worthless academically playing the school for a chance to make it to division one school.

      1. MARYELLEN WEIMER Pens lucid commentary on whiney students with no natural curiosity or critical thinking ability. Just give the answer. I don’t want to have to analyze too much and just rather you give me answer. If you don’t, I will flame you on evaluations and tell my parents you suck and they will call the principal and ask him why you aren’t helping me succeed.

  2. Loretta Booker, Bachelor of Arts in Elementary Education-Cum Laude Albuquerque NM, declares her dismay over low income, special needs and English language learners not being adequately funded to dig out of the cesspool called poverty. Thank u for all you do for the underprivileged!

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