Small Town Car Repair Shop: High Quality Work at Low Prices


We were not surprised to see a very comprehensive article in the Roswell Daily Record describing the high quality service offered by Carr Automotive. No, that is not a typo. It is Carr Automotive with two R’s.

Let’s just say that this car repair service lives up to its name as Joe and Dennis Carr, or members of their family, have been repairing vehicles at very low prices for the last 29 years in Roswell, New Mexico. These conscientious brothers like to get your car repairs done right the first time as they are very aware of how precious your time is. Unlike many mechanics, they do not mind if you hang around and observe what type of work they are doing on your vehicle. They are honest and have nothing to hide while repairing your truck or car.

Residents of Dexter, Hagerman, Artesia, Cloudcroft and sometimes Hobbs or Ruidoso are willing to drive a few extra miles for fair prices and high quality repair work. Many of us have horror stories of being ripped off by a car dealership like Toyota or Ford. The Carr brothers did us right the only time we used them and take a great deal of pride in the work they do. Do not be a victim of excessively high rising prices at the dealership. You get better service and lower prices at Mom and Pop run enterprises.

We were at Martins Capitol Cafe one evening and overheard a conversation about a guy who had a generator rebuilt at a very reasonable price by one of the Carr brothers. I believe it was a generator used on one of the many ranches or farms in the Pecos Valley. They also rebuild starters and alternators for heavy trucks. These guys learned it right from their father and their father’s father. Good service and fair prices are their signature.

Roswell has a number of elderly citizens living on a fixed income and the Carr brothers are very accommodating, flexible, and fair about pricing and payments in this regard.

Carr Automotive Article RDR

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  1. Man, I am glad a stumbled across this post! We used these guys when we had car trouble driving from Ruidoso to Midland,TX. It has been a while back, but I think it was an alternator and a water pump at the same friggin time! I didn’t know the guys were brothers. We got lucky because the problems happened right when we were passing through Roswell and a friend sent us to them on McGaffey street I think.

    They gave us a helluva deal even though they knew they had us over the barrel.

    1. Jims Automotive Albuquerque have saved our asses a bunch. Wife lived in Nob Hill while I was in Iraq and they never overcharged us always doing good work. Every man fears his wife being screwed over by a mechanic….never happened with those guys. They coulda billed us for a new transmission one time, but fixed it for a fraction of the cost…go outa your way to hook up with these dudes even if it means driving long way.

      1. Spitzer automotive and industrial in Roswell is best truck fuel system and starter place around. Roman trejo, Brian Cobb , and Austin Hamblin know their craft and charge you fair prices and get job done fast!

  2. Wakefield Oil Company on South Virginia in Roswell NM USA admits the only reason they improved their service was because they were forced to by the Enviromental Protection Agency OR face fines or closure.

    Wakefield freely stated in the RDR that in a twist of irony, the EPA forced them to increase their level of service by adding more pumps,pads and adherence to 15 second law.

    Nice to know they only elevated their standards because of government leverage.

    So I guess their mission statement is we will do everything to remain profitable while remaining in compliance with EPA code and hope a great customer service pops outa there somewhere.

  3. I went into the Toyota service department a couple of months ago to inquire about the cost of replacing the bearing assembly on a front tire. They quoted me a price of around $650. It seemed high, so I checked around town and was made aware of a fair and honest mechanic named James who owns and operates Triple D automotive. James fixed the bearing problem, changed the oil an filter, and rotated my tires(he just noticed that needed to be done) for the low price of $338. I wrote the amiable mechanic a check which he prefered to having to pay the transactions fees associated with credit card machines. I guess he has never heard of the inexpensive square credit card readers, but anyway the guy is cool and fair.

    He is located across the street from pet cremation place on Forest Street not too far from where Main Street makes a Y on south side of town.

    1. There was a James in the Orem-Provo, Utah area around 2011 who was the most honest car repair man I had ever used. I think his last name was Larsen, and the name his shop was Advanced Automotive. I know because I’m obsessive with receipts.

      This guy was so heavenly he would even give poor people repair advice over the phone if they could not afford to bring their broken down vehicle! I actually saw him doing this while I was waiting in his shop for him to fix my pickup.

      He was so generous with his time he lost money! We don’t live in the area anymore, but god bless your soul James.

    2. You must be talking about the high quality of work and fair pricing of James Dockter. He is honest and knowledgeable. Some of the mechanics around town will take you to the cleaners if they can sense you are clueless about repair costs or dont know anything about what is wrong with your vehicle! I think James went through rigorous automotive training courses at ENMU. Good guy!

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