Stuck Forever with no hope of multiplying


I was reminded of the excellent article written by Debbie Hadley about the 9 most annoying insects when I took a picture of a bunch of ANNOYING house flies mortally stuck to the TAT fly paper strip you see in the picture.

The strip hangs from our ceiling light and faithfully traps maggot generating flies until their agonizing death. I know that last part sounded a little morbid and disturbed, but we found some maggots in scraps of hamburger meat that we had not cleaned off our kitchen counter properly. Also everybody knows how irritating a single aggressive house fly can be. You can see around 9 flies stuck to fly paper which never loses its stickiness and, if you can tolerate the repulsiveness of having dead flies hanging from your ceiling, will last until entire surface is covered with disease spreading Musca domestica which could have lived up to 25 days in your home laying many eggs throughout your domicile creating nasty maggots that are always an unpleasant find!

Debbie put it at her humorous best when she declared “Nearly every meal I’ve eaten outdoors(and many indoors) has been a choreographed ballet of biting my food and then swatting away the flies trying to land on my food.”

This infinitely sticky fly paper is made in China and distributed by Chemsico in St Louis, Missouri  USA. We purchased 10 strips of it for $3.99 at Walmart.




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