This Low Price had to be an Error


When the heat of the summer rolls around in West Texas and south eastern New Mexico, nothing quenches my thirst better than an ice cold Coke or Mountain Dew. Yeah, I know soft drinks are fattening and can increase your chances of getting diabetes, but adequate levels of exercise can help guard against the onset of this all too common disease in the United States.

The two liter bottle of Mountain Dew that you see was one of four bottles that we purchased at Sam’s Club in Roswell, New Mexico for only $1.91! ┬áThat is worth repeating. YES, we bought 4 two liter bottles of Mountains Dew for ONLY one dollar and ninety-one cents!!! Being a member of Sam’s Club is a no brainer. You pay for your annual membership in around 2 months.

BTW, the check out girl at Sam’s Club was so taken aback by this ultra low price that she double checked the price and then said she would buy some after she got off work!

Very Cheap Two Liter Bottle of Mountain Dew

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  1. Four 2 L bottles of Mountain Dew at $1.91 had to be a pricing error. We shop at the Sam’s Club in Midland Texas and have never seen it anywhere near that low. It sounds like They even double checked the price! You got a good deal. I have seen 20 ounces of mountain dew priced at $1.49 in some convenience stores like Allsup’s.

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