Daniel Doyle enjoyed Killing


“I killed him because he was gay” were the calm words of Daniel Doyle, a Union College freshman in New York. ¬†Perhaps Doyle was relaxed during his testimony because a plea bargain had reduced the ¬†charge against him from second degree murder to manslaughter.

Doyle and the pack of beer guzzling teenage punks he ran with brutally beat and murdered Julio Rivera, a 29 year old homosexual, prostitute and bartender. Jack Levin claims that many teenagers are “temporary sociopaths” who lack any type of empathy for the problems of others. Most teenagers outgrow their condition and transition into a more compassionate and understanding human being.

Doyle and his gang recreationally sought out the homeless or drug addicts and enjoyed beating the life out of these types to combat boredom. That indefinite period between childhood and adulthood can be trying and quite stressful with kids in that age range making egregious errors in judgement. Despite their youth, they should still be charged with murder to protect future victims of hate crime.

Skinhead racist Erik Brown a cohort of Daniel Doyle was denied parole bid in 1997 which was 6 years after the murder in the dark courtyard of Public School 69(A gay cruising area). Doyle is still serving a 25 year sentence I believe. The parole board’s decision freed up more time for Brown to practice his passion for Art.


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