Thanks O’Reilly for mugshots of Black Thugs


The four black people who taunted the special needs white person while forcing him to drink contaminated fecal water from a toilet ruined their already pathetic lives by recording the event.

Does anybody get why they recorded it live on FaceBook? Were they unable to pay their rent and looking for free room and board in federal penitentiary? Are they so self-absorbed and full of hate that they believe the attention and “fame” will offset being sexually assaulted in prison?

The countenance of Tesfaye Cooper is a fascinating hybrid of arrogance and contempt for White police officer who photographed his mug shot. Chicago sex symbol Brittany Covington actually looks contrite as though she regrets humiliating and assaulting retarded white boy. Don’t worry sista, old white prison matriarchs will protect you in return for sexual favors but it sure stinks!

Jim Hoft wrote about a similar incident regarding the vehicular assault of David Wilcox on South Kedzie Avenue in the Windy City. Wilcox was severely beaten by inbred black boys who also have deep seeded disdain for our president elect. Hoft also, I think, claims to have the scoop on what really killed Star Wars icon Carrie Fisher.



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  1. Robert Parascandolo Rhode Island, whose letter was published just so Bill could accept the challenge of pronouncing his onerously long last name, loved Old School.

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