A few remarks about the marketing term Cenegenics


Health     I must say that I am more than miffed about the abundance of Cenegenic advertisements circulating the internet presently. Being a dilettante wordsmith, I was unable to unearth the etymology of Cenegenics with Wordnik listing nothing with respect to this marketing neologism buzzword.

Cenegenics is advertised as a healthy anti aging system. The most seen advertisement is of a 74 year old buffed and tanned male leaning against his Harley Davidson motorcycle. I suspect the picture of the man with rippling well defined large muscles has been photo shopped to some extent although I am sure the Cenegenic program has something to do with his abnormally developed physique.

There is no way that this program could be healthy for a 74 year old man. The extra burden on the circulatory system alone has to be bad on a grandfather’s heart. One of the ingredients in the program, Chorionic Gonadotropin(hCG), is advertised to improve a man’s sperm count and lead to weight loss, but is reported by many purchasers of the program to be ineffective.  Some report that the Magnesium Orotate ingredient improves one’s nerves. You know how the paper shakes when you are holding it for all to see.

None of us beat Father Time. Be aware of scams related to your health. Many people lose their objectivity on something so important to them. Please talk to your elderly Dad about these type of scams.


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