A hematology Lab Report


What you see below is a hematology(blood work) Laboratory Report. After my doctor and I went over the results of my blood work, I had to request a copy of the Lab findings.  Seems like Doc would give you a copy of your blood work results without you having to request it. I sometimes wonder how much the doctor really knows or whether he just trusts the computer handout that the blood count item being measured is between acceptable levels.

For example, my MCHC is 34.9 grams per deciliter and the “healthy” range is considered to be between 33 and 36 g/dl. OK, I just found out that MCHC stands for mean corpuscular hemoglobin concentration.  Great that really clears things up! Wiki reports the healthy range to be 32-36 which raises the question of who makes the determination about what constitutes a healthy range for the various blood count entries?

My platelet count was 184 K/mm3 with an acceptable range of 130-400. My father was a hemophiliac which might explain why my count is on the low end. A platelet count that is too high can lead to strokes or heart attacks or clots in your bodies extremities.

I guess being a doctor is a little easier these days since they have reports that places blood counts in either the normal or abnormal column. A doctor’s expertise would come in handy for a temporary abnormal blood count whose cause was known to your physician.

Blood Work-Hematology Laboratory Report
Blood Work-Hematology Laboratory Report

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  1. Dr Peter Jewell works for Aztec Medical Group and is one of the best physicians in Roswell. He is honest and will probably stay awhile unlike many doctors who come here to get breaks on their student loans and certifications and then move on to greener pastures.

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