A vaccine that benefits even the women who do NOT get it!

The following well-written informative article by  Rachael Rettner of msnbc.com sounds like great news for women  but very bad news for pharmaceuticals like Merck. At least we know Rachel is not on the Merck payola list!  I doubt anybody reading this article would be disinclined to get the HPV vaccine because of the herd immunity, but if the number of HPV infections diminish then the pharmaceutical companies who produce the vaccine lose money.
Ms. Rettner, responsibly , informs readers of her article to not try to save money by not getting the HPV vaccine as that would certainly decrease herd immunity effect. Herd immunity, from a common sense perspective, is easy to explain. Those who are vaccinated create a sort of critical mass who cannot obviously transmit the various HPV strains. So fewer vaccinated means an increased likelihood that the HPV disease will be spread and potentially lead to cervical cancer. 
Sexual addiction is quite prevalent and one of the many drawbacks is your selfish addiction can make others sick. If you know you have some type of STD, then play with yourself to vent your overactive sex drive but do NOT irresponsibly cavort around selfishly while putting the health of your multiple lovers at risk!

The human papillomavirus vaccine provides a benefit to women even if they are not vaccinated, via a phenomenon known as herd immunity, a new study suggests.

Among the women in the study, there was a decrease in the percentage who were infected with the four HPV strains included in the vaccine (HPV 6, 11, 16, and 18) in the years after the vaccine was introduced, compared with earlier years.

This decrease in HPV prevalence was seen among both vaccinated and unvaccinated women, the researchers said.

 The findings show that even with relatively low rates of women getting vaccinated, the vaccine produces some degree of herd immunity — protection of unvaccinated people that occurs because a critical portion of the population has been innoculated.


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