An Easier More Hygienic Way to Wipe


A delicate and very private concern regarding one’s health and hygiene is related to how one wipes his butt after taking a crap or doing a number two. My brother was the world’s worst at not wiping his ass properly and my mother almost had a nervous breakdown trying to get him to wipe properly after taking a crap. Not to obsess on the importance of proper wiping, but human excrement is a biohazard and needs to be handled safely.

Mom eventually solved the problem by forcing him to clean his soiled and wretched underwear whenever she found nicotine stains. This was around 40 years ago when toilet paper or your fingers were pretty much the only options when it came to wiping your butt after taking a crap.

Soiled and dirty underwear is what my mother saw whenever she did the laundry. These days there are a number of hygienic choices out there when it comes to wiping your butt crack. Most of them target the elderly and the partially disabled,

but I think it is a good idea for anybody to consider using toileting aids even if you are not in the class of the elderly or handicapped. Understand that there is no shame in admitting that you need potty assistance after you poop. Who wouldn’t want to assist this sexy young woman in tight jeans if she needed help because she had not pooped all day?

There are plenty of toileting aids out there including the Self Wipe, Bottom Buddy, Freedom Wand, and the Groovy Bottom Wiper. These incontinence supplies, in the long run , are cheaper than toilet paper and do a much better job of getting you completely clean without any worries about rashes in your rectal area. The picture you see of the Toilet Wiping Aid is an easy way to wipe and a much more effective hygienic way of cleaning yourself after a number 2. Poo stained undies do not have to be a way of life!

Bidet is the generic term used for a water stream emitting device that rinses excrement off your Anus. Bidets are common fixtures in European and Asian public restrooms, especially airports like Narita International in Japan.

Toilet Wiping Aid

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  1. I would put the pic of the poop stained undies at bottom of article. Article was informative but some readers might be grossed out by the nasty underwear.

    Also there is a lot of concern among the elderly about whether wipes are harmful to the skin on their buttocks. The bottom wiper is a great solution to that problem. Also younger people with sensitive skin might consider this type of toileting aid.

  2. Did you know there was actually a lawsuit involving an elderly person who didn’t know how to use a bottom wiper.
    The basis of the lawsuit was that the instructions were not clearly stated. The old man lacerated his anus which resulted in an infection. He and his attorney were fined for filing a frivolous lawsuit and the case was dismissed.
    I think this happened somewhere in Europe and somehow did not get a whole lot of publicity.

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  4. What is the fascination with poop stains, wiping, and taking a crap or doing a number 2? I guess it is the privacy of the internet which allows you search on things that interest you without suffering the embarrassment of someone knowing that you are incontinent or poop in your pants a lot.

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    Also are you aware that there’s appears to be a lot of interest in the gay community on ass wiping aids? It makes sense that homosexuals would be interested in more hygienic way to wipe their arse.
    Alternatives to wiping with toilet paper are necessary. Many of us end up with our own feces underneath our fingernails after wiping our ass.
    Some wipe up their ass crack from their genetalia and others wipe the dodo down on their gonads. The bottom wiper solves this hygienic issue and gets rid of that gay bane known as a itchy anus in a really groovy way!

  6. First I am surprised that so many people are interested in a post that has picture of poop stained underwear or soiled undies, but oh well I guess it is just me…..but seriously I am glad the admin took the time to write an article about toileting aids as a replacement for toilet paper.
    Some people do not do a good job of wiping their ass. Wiping your bum the wrong way can actually make more of a mess than an unwiped arse! My Grandpa is not even limber enough to reach around and wipe his own anus but does not want to admit it. Some people do not even know whether to wipe up or down.
    Some save money on toilet paper and toileting aids by just wiping with the newspaper.

  7. I take care of my mothers father. He is a very proud old man. His arthritic back makes it difficult to even turn to wipe his arse and guess who gets to clean his poo stained knickers ? I am stuck at home much of the time caring for him and found a great senior care product place online. I ordered bottom wiper that he can almost use without my help. Him trying to use toilet paper is out of the question and even though I am very limber and do not need a toileting aid, I bought one for myself. BTW girls, these devices can be used in other ways and do a much better job than your boyfriend if you know what I mean….. Two words: multi orgasmic

  8. A bidet is a specialized device that sprays water on your crack/anal region after you poop. Another way of putting it is that a bidet is a water squirting arse cleaner that is superior to the toilet paper wiping of your bum that Americans arrogantly assert is the best way to clean ones butt crack after a number two. The rest of the world perceives a bidet as a much more effective and hygienic way of cleaning excrement from your anus, genitals and taint.

    I know that most Americans are puzzled by bidets, and some are even shocked or bothered by it. “Why would foreigners want to do such a filthy thing? They should just use toilet paper!” That makes no sense at all.

    Imagine that you are an American traveling overseas. You check into a hotel, only to discover that you don’t have a shower or tub in your room. Nor is there one down the hallway.

    You inquire at the desk about where you should take a shower, and the desk clerk is horrified that you should want to do such a thing. You are told that what you should do is rub dry tissue paper all over your body. That is the very best way of getting clean.

    OK, now you know how everyone else feels when they hear an American say that toilet paper is extremely clean but using water is a filthy practice.

    For the elderly or for any age range, there is no better feces wiping system available than a bidet. Cleaning after defecating should be easy and not dirty/gross/repulsive/messy. A bidet shower is the cleanest and easiest way to wipe and avoid that irritating itch after pinching a loaf.

    1. Some want to know if is it hygenic to wash undies with poo stains. First using a bidet completely avoids using washing machine to clean poop off your underwear. Yes, fecal matter can possibly contaminate the other clothing in your load. The water heat would have some bearing on minimizing this.

  9. There is strong connection between prom dresses and wiping. The two are a rather awkward combination. Bidets are much more hygienic than American toilet paper.

  10. Yes, I am a retired recluse. A bidet cleans that irritating sticky poop that ends up on your fingers when wiping with toilet paper. Sticky doodoo is tough to clean even with a washlet or personal spray jet!! A recluse has a lot of time to think about many different topics. And since I’m a retired recluse I now have the time to reveal my findings. Americans are stubborn mules about many things including using bidets as a much more effective replacements for toilet paper.

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