Benign Fibrous Tumors Excised during laparoscopic surgery


These days surgeons will frequently give you pictures of what was going on in your body during the surgery and also of what they may have cut out of your body. A few years back a friend’s wife had a partial hysterectomy(laparoscopy) . A partial hysterectomy means the ovaries were not removed so as to not disrupt the hormones that they secrete and avoid hormone therapy and/or depression.

They went in through her belly button and cut up around 760 milligrams of fibrous tumor which is about 1.5 pounds of blood-using tissue that also causes uncomfortable periods and menstruation cycles. Why did they cut up the tumor into pieces?  So they could drop out the the cut up pieces of her tumor through her vagina! There was not enough room to pull the pieces out through her navel . During the procedure/surgery they filled her full of carbon dioxide gas in order to inflate her abdomen and give the surgical team room to cut up the relatively large tumor. They accomplished this by piercing her lower abdomen at various places and pumping in the CO2. This also helped to prevent accidental damaging of adjacent organs and body parts like the colon, kidney, liver, and various glands.

The lower right picture was the tumor put back together again after its piece by piece removal. The upper left picture is an ovary. The lower left picture, I believe, is a portion of her uterus before it was removed.

Another name for these tumors is Myoma and they are quite common with around 50% of women developing them in the last stages of their reproductive years. The laparoscopy procedure that removes them has become almost as routine as an colonoscopy and was covered by her Blue Cross Blue Shield insurance after a $400 copay.

Finally laparoscopy minimizes the recovery time compared to the old way where the patient had to endure a bikini cut incision and spend much more time in the hospital recovering. She stayed only one night after the surgery which was also covered by her health insurance. Remember that with a laparoscopy, all the cutting is done on the inside rather that the outside which decreases the risk of infection and gets you out of that depressing hospital faster!


Benign Fibrous Tumor removes during laparoscopy
Benign Fibrous Tumor removes during laparoscopy

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  1. Laparoscopy is advertised as minimally invasive. Dr. Perkin Stang and his staff do an excellent job of explaining the risks. You are under the knife for around two hours and the surgeon is in close proximity of many of your vital organs. That’s why you have to sign off on any accidental cuts or perforations that may occur in this labor intensive surgery.

    1. Strang is the man who explained that once endometrium is gone, then NO more period!! The endometrium is the bloody nutrient enriched layer that feeds a united egg/sperm cell that leads to pregnancy. The endometrium lines the uterus and leaks out creating menstrual cycle if conception does not occur.

  2. The most frequent tumors that occur in the pleura are malignant (cancerous) forms of mesothelioma caused by exposure to asbestos. But sometimes fibrous tumors not related to asbestos exposure can develop in the pleura. These can be either malignant or benign (non-cancerous).

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