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Celebrity insights and help on battling and overcoming Addiction

I recently read a piece by addiction specialist Gina Roberts-Grey titled Celebrities: Can they get off Drugs or Alcohol?  She opened by asking what was behind Charlie Sheen’s rants or Lindsay Lohan’s clashes with the law.
The motivation for this article is to applaud the many celebrities like Mackenzie Phillips, Shelly Sprague, and Janice Dickinson who appeared on the well known Dr. Drew Pinsky show. All three candidly and sincerely opened up supplying useful information to recovering addicts and their family members.

Mackenzie Phillips pointed out that the pills in the parent’s medicine cabinet are easily accessible by their children. So the OxyContin (oxycodone) Mommy is using for severe pain can get into junior’s hands a little too easy if proper precautions are not practiced! She also stressed that it is important to distinguish between discomfort and pain.  Popping pills for extreme pain is one thing, but coping with discomfort in ways other than taking meds should be strived for. Taking drugs or drinking alcohol recreationally can easily morph into addiction which is a brain disorder!

Dr. Drew stated there was virtually a 100% correlation between traumatic childhoods and the likelihood one would become an addict. Janice Dickinson an American model, whose father sexually abused members of the family, prefers AA to doctors who will just prescribe other addictive substances.

Shelly Sprague was an alcoholic at 17 and works at Las Encinas which is a rehab facility in Pasadena. She reiterated the claim that all addicts have to hit rock bottom whether it be no freedom (incarcerated), badfinances and health, or destroying their relationships with their family and children.  After this happens, you either die or improve.

Dr Drew adroitly fielded the Twitter question: “Do psych meds and recovery go hand and hand?” The venerated addiction specialist responded in a way that made one wonder if he is a pitch man for Scientology. He effectively said that psych meds can create new addictions and should be avoided in most cases. Scientology is well known for the disdain and contempt it has for the field of psychiatry.

The last bit of advice for family members of addicts was to create consequences for your addict’s actions. No consequences for intemperance are the same as enabling. You are not loving or caring for your addict if you allow them to consume the substance of their choice without fear of reprisal!

Also there was unanimous opposition to naltrexone which can be administered via a monthly injection to combat alcoholism. The panel was amused by the turn of the phrase that getting a shot is not the way to avoid downing a shot!


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  1. Speaking of addiction, was quite impressed with the Salonpas pain relieving patch commercial. The commercial had an actor portrayal caption which was refreshingly honest given the deceptive nature of most forms of advertising. The actor suffering from back pain spoke of the effectiveness of the nonprescription patch.

    The connection to addiction, of course, is that pain medication can become addictive.

    1. James Spader inexplicably dropped the name of his NYU biology teacher Barbara Holt on Jimmy Fallon. He disclosed he always slept in her and apparently wants to sleep with her now. Perhaps she can elucidate the biological function of a blood engorged clitoris.

      I was pissed Spader did not mention his best effort sex,lies, and videotape

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