Chess Helps to Prevent The Onset of Alzheimer’s


Jessica’s 59 year old mother had been behaving strangely. She would trail off in the middle of a conversation. One day Jessica found her mother’s favorite type of empty cereal box in the dirty clothes hamper. Jessica’s mom said that the box was dirty and belonged there. She would also forget her allergy medications and other routine daily needs. It never occurred to Jessica that her mother could have Alzheimers at such a young age, but she did.

Jessica’s plight of having to deal with her parents having Alzheimers is quite common and this article attempts to help others like her in battling the onset of this devastating disease.

It is fairly well known that your brains behaves much like a muscle and that exercising your mind with activities like chess and crossword puzzles or even scrapbooking can prevent dementia and Alzheimer’s. Research shows that brain is much like the body — it needs continual activity to remain strong and supple and fight off the predations of old age. Researchers have also shown that that chess is uniquely well-suited to “exercising” the brain. It is simple to play, but offers nearly limitless variation.

Certainly chess is not the only mind stimulating activity available. The card game bridge or the word game Jumble in your morning paper will also retard the advance of dementia and Alzheimers.


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    1. Dude, you are not keeping up with the times! Polgar jumped ship for a sweeter deal at Webster University in St Louis. She took her star studded team of grandmasters with her to Nakamura’s stomping grounds. I think it was Sam G. William’s blog that writes about the chess legend’s Richter Scale transfer.
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    2. I read a post by Mig titled Slime Spillover about Fake Sam Sloan posts allegedly written by Polgar’s husband Truong. Mig said that Truong had a history of fake anonymous attack type posts on the web. I don’t believe it. He is a nice guy who helped run some good tournaments at Texas Tech in Lubbock. The allegations have not apparently damaged the reputation of Ms. Polgar and I am happy about that.

      I am glad Polgar is still promoting high level chess at a major university. She is great for the game and has stimulated more interest in the game in the United States of America. I want to thank everybody in the USA who voted for Obama. He made it easier to qualify for EBT cards which makes it easier for me to eat and play chess as much as I want. I love this great country!

      1. Austin,TX chess player Marcus Roberts needs to be included in this thread. Fake Sam Sloan death threats were posted as though Marcus was the author. I had read that the IP address of the REAL fake Sam Sloan posts had been traced back to the chess playing and promoting couple in Lubbock,TX.

        Marcus Roberts, a computer science phenom from Georgia, is a talented Bridge and Chess player who has had his good name unfairly diminished by Internet trolls who do weird things at public libraries.

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