A cool way to lose weight


My apologies for corny post title, but this piece is quite literally about a cool way to lose weight. The following is a snippet from Wired magazine on an efficient way to lose weight. The basic idea behind this literally cool weight loss idea is that calorie consumption is required to keep your body temperature at the normal 98.6 degree level when your environment is cold.

The not so obvious consequence of being cold is ones metabolism rate can be increased by as much as 80%! Increased metabolic rates necessarily elevates the calories consumed by your body which in turn leads to weight reduction. As the snippet mentions, there is not a lot of conclusive science behind this new approach to decreasing the size of your waste line but there are a long list of folks who have lost a lot of weight AND cut down on deadly belly fat.

Just one problem: There is not much rigorous science behind any of this. It is difficult to quantify how environmental temperature affects an individuals metabolism. Studies have shown cold exposure can boost the metabolism anywhere from 8 to 80 percent, depending on a slew of variables including the degree and duration of the exposure, whether you are shivering, your diet, and physiological factors like age, gender, and fat mass.


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