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Many doctors these days are in a big hurry which is a fact that is hard to hide from patients who are particularly observant when they are anxious about visiting a physician to begin with. I won’t forget Dr. Jinnah who practiced medicine in Roswell,NM for awhile before leaving. He was concerned that RISD would not be adequate to meet the high standards he had for his children’s education. He liked the town and the people, but did not want to roll the educational dice during his kiddo’s formative years.

He was a very thorough doctor and I recall him volunteering to clean my ears for free, a offer that has not been matched by any of his successors. I will never forget the long dark, waxy mass he pulled out of my ear with the aid of some tepid water. I don’t really remember if my hearing improved after the procedure.

I was reminded of Dr. Jinnah today when our mailbox contained the following solicitation from Livingston Hearing Aid Center. One of the items advertised was a Free Ear Canal Screening. I guess this means they will let you know if there is a wax buildup utilizing a video camera called an OtoScope, but will charge you to actually clean it out.

Other inducements to visit them included needing 30 people to try a new invisible hearing instrument (Note the reluctance to call it a hearing aid) and experiencing crisp hearing with open ear technology. Not sure how the adjective crisp relates to hearing. Replacing it with better is probably a little to banal for an attention seeking advertisement.

Also, I suppose an invisible hearing device has appeal to the vanity queens of the world. We will probably check them out as they claim to accept all insurance programs and maintenance on all the stuff they sell is FREE and performed In-Office. That’s big and should attract many customers!

High End Hearing Aid Solicitation
High End Hearing Aid Solicitation



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  1. Michael Vinson bc-his (board certified- hearing instruments) helped us s bunch. I did not know how much my hearing had deteriorated over the years! He has great bed side personality and works to give you fair prices.

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