Expanding seeds in Tummy leads to Weight Loss


Chia seeds are reputed to lower blood pressure, reduce bad cholesterol LDL and elevate good cholesterol HDL.

The seeds you see in the picture below were purchased at Sam’s Club. They mix well with anything including orange juice. They are a source of fiber that expand immensely when immersed in any fluid including plain old RO water.

I take them for dieting purposes as their bloated state when wet in my stomach completely assuages all hunger pangs. From a caloric intake point of view, Chia seeds can NOT be beat. They stop high calorie late night meals in their tracks.

The only downside to them I know of is that they stick stubbornly to glass if you let them dry up, so rinse out glass soon after you have finished.

Chia seeds in Vlasic crunchy pickle jar
Chia seeds in Vlasic crunchy pickle jar

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  1. My uncle had a heart attack out of the blue at relatively young age of 63. He was fit and an active golfer and tennis player before having medical episode at popular restaurant in Utah.

    No blockage in coronary blood vessels. Doctors attributed it to low magnesium levels which screwed up electrical nerve impulses which controlled heart pumping sequence. Magnesium ion concentration out of whack.

    No surprise that super food chia seeds contain plenty of magnesium to help keep heart muscle from shorting out. 4 tablespoons mixed with a glass of aloe juice should level off any magnesium deficiencies in your diet!

  2. What gives with Sam’s club incessantly switching brands!!? BetterBody used to package their chia seeds in Roswell NM. Now it is Nature’s Earthly Choice distributing superfood of the aztecs.

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