Helping the Man you Love Cope with Depression


You just bleed to know you are alive. We have all heard these lyrics which are very suggestive of a clinical debilitating depression and remind me of the strong woman Emme Aronson who helped her husband Phillip grapple with his suicidal life-draining melancholy.

The couple wrote a book in which Emme brilliantly described  the loneliness and onerous burden of raising a child while her husband was paralyzed by depression. She also movingly portrayed the challenge of not sinking into the same type of abject mental misery her beloved spouse was experiencing. She mentions how he was depriving himself of emotional, intellectual, and physical nourishment which, of course, compounded the intensity of the wretched, mind twisting depression.

Reading their book titled ,Morning Has Broken, A Couple’s Journey Through Depression, can only help couples going through the same dismal plight.


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  1. This is the first thanksgiving ALL of my four children have not been with me and dad. He is going hunting and I may be eating sandwiches by myself. One part of me is very depressed, another part ecstatic that the burden of preparing thanksgiving dinner has been lifted.

  2. There is only so much a loving nurturing wife can do for her melancholy mate. Go outside the marriage after you have done all you can do and seek the services of happiness counselors like Gretchen Rubin. Her magnum opus Happiness at Home literally prevented over 4000 suicides according to a well respected poll. Tangentially she is a master at diagnosing potential friends who have an oppositional conversational style. Understanding this will help one cut their losses rather wasting time befriending callous types who could induce depressions.

    Did anybody else notice how educator/academician Jim Novak posted a comment that was exactly in the form of oppositional conversational style? It was like he was trying to one up her. The kind of person that always has to add something to show everybody they know more.

  3. Joshua Green writes about an unexpected source of depression called Post relocation depression.

    The reasoning that your new home and location will bring you new,special friends and kind of a vacation feeling can quickly wear off!

    Also the piece written by Emily Yoffe over the affects of Paxil on gentleman’s wife was misleading. It seemed Emily was saying the antidepressant drug was turning the lady into cheerful zombie.

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