If you died using this Drug, Call Us


Clot busting drugs are a necessity for heart attack and stroke patients. These drugs  have to work quickly and effectively or the patient may die. So blood thinning drugs similar to Xarelto are designed single mindedly to dissolve clots, not being as concerned with side effects as say a nausea or common cold drug.

Unfortunately, after a blood thinning drug saved your life, continued consumption of the pills could lead to internal bleeding due to fact blood is not clotting properly to prevent a life threatening bleed out. This is why the ditzy blond you see in the lawsuit advertisement below, states the side effects of Xarelto include DEATH, Gastrointestinal bleeding, and brain bleeding.

These side effects are, of course, extremely deleterious. BUT, at least, the patient was still alive to experince them! ┬áThe blond medical expert emphasizes that 650 million dollars was paid out in a class action lawsuit to “victims” of another blood thinning drug. When more than a half a billion dollars is being paid out in damages, individual well being plays second fiddle to attorney fees and compensation.

Clot busting drug lawsuit
Clot busting drug lawsuit

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  1. How could one not be amused at the newspaper advice of doctors Eve glazier and Elizabet ko when the University California Los Angeles docs straight faced warned us to avoid stress!

    You must be kidding ladies!!! Your medical profession attached to insurance companies is likely the NUMBER ONE cause of stress in recorded history.

    Your kind overbills insurance companies and then joe average is left with what insurance companies won’t cover as lifelong debt that will destroy any chance of a comfortable retirement.

    The US is awash with greedy physicians some even exiting Canada to jump on the bilk the insurance company gravy train.

    1. The mere fact that Eve and Elizabeth wrote an article titled tips on getting through to your busy physician is a travesty. The young looking female doctors wrote strategies on how to avoid being interrupted by your own doctor! They are defending the rude behavior of their own colleagues. Screw it! Go to Mexico. Avoid the death grip the insurance companies have on the poor doctors.

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