Make sure your colonoscopy physician writes you hemorrhoid Script


In a town where there is a shortage of competent doctors, Dr. Frederick French shines very bright. The Hydrocortisone AC 25MG Suppository prescription you see was free as part of my colonoscopy followup. The results of the colonoscopy , which was free via our Blue Cross Blue Shield health insurance policy, were A OK(Not a single polyp, probably a consequence of the psyllium husk fiber supplement we take)  other than a hemorrhoid near anus. I knew I had them, but they only bled occasionally and sometimes itched.

The good doctor said “see you in 5 years and oh by the way here is a suppository script if the hemorrhoid I saw is bothering you.” I  think the box of suppositories contained 12 which were very effective. Here is a picture of three of them. My father’s brother had colon cancer around age 70 which is why Dr. French wanted to look for polyps again in 5 years.

Free Suppository Script with Colonoscopy
Free Suppository Script with Colonoscopy

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  1. I’ve been browsing online only just recently being a very reclusive Luddite. It makes shopping for private medical purchases like bladder control and incontinence products bearable. Amit Bhawani of India published that he made 20000 usd per month with google adsense. I am surprised he would do that which would risk Google suspending his account.

    1. Have a close family member who has stress Incontinence and bladder frustration. His Urologist explained that doing things like jumping string is a good exercise to strengthen those muscles. So I think this would be good for you. Also trampoline excercises have aided the regrowth of muscle tissue that has improved how much he pees in his pants.

  2. Come to think of it, my colonoscopy doctor did not give me a suppository prescription after performing the procedure. I have had hemorrhoids for years. He had to have noticed them! Dr Jay Marks came highly recommended. I am surprised he did not do the same as French. He did seem rushed afterwards.

    1. Dr Marks is a gastroenterologist in Los Angeles and I don’t believe he forgot. He treated me and my sister for diverticulitis and we feel much better. We both thought we had inflammatory bowel disease, but he quickly and correctly diagnosed both of us with diverticulitis and reduced the inflammation and improved our gut bacteria imbalance with mostly natural and dietary means!!
      Also, Kelsey Marksteiner who is a registered dietitian endorsed by Chris Kresser has great advice on intestinal health that seeks natural remedies as opposed to medication.

      1. Did any of you watch suspicious TV ad put on by Dr Kellyann Petrucci where she wants $240 a year for her slimmer younger you weight loss book? The interviewer made sure you could hear a bunch of phones ringing in background which seemed quite fake. Also why would a real doctor do this? Don’t they make enough money just seeing a lot of patients and bilking insurance companies?!

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