Medicinal Marijuana for sale in Glenwood Springs, CO


I hesitate to put this post in the health genre, but while we were having a great time in Glenwood Springs, CO we happened upon this Medicinal/Medical Marijuana Center Sign on Grand Avenue. GNS stands for Green Natural Solutions which is the name of the place that legally sells grass. I guess advertising pot as Medical makes it legal. Why didn’t all the drug pushers and traffickers think of that?!?

All joking aside, not just anybody off the street can walk in and purchase grass unless they can prove they are afflicted with a malady that Marijuana is reputed to cure or help.  Glaucoma, cancer, HIV/AIDS, cachexia, severe pain or nausea,  seizures characteristic of epilepsy, frequent  muscle spasms like those characteristic of multiple sclerosis are some of the medical justifications for smoking grass.

I believe the voters of Colorado legalized medical marijuana by a constitutional amendment in 2001? Regulating the substance is left to the local governments.

Don’t we live in a mixed-up country when you can be convicted of a felony for distributing/selling something that has so many medical benefits? While we are at it, shall we attempt to answer the burning question as to why alcohol is legal but pot is not! Gotta go folks…..feel some muscle spasms coming on 🙂

Medicinal Marijuana Sign in Glenwood Springs, Colorado

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  1. It has been medically and clinically established that smoking weed has regenerative and healing benefits. Why all the fuss? I have heard getting a permit to sell Mary Jane is difficult. At least it is legal in some places. That is a start!

    1. Mandy Denson of Ruidoso is really angry that the city of Roswell,NM will not let her “Compassionately Distribute” pot in the Alien City. Jason Perry, the bow-tie guy according to Denson, is the city councilor opposing the sell of marijuana. Hmmm…..”bow-tie guy” is how you would expect a pot head to describe a politician. Thanks Jill McLaughlin for publishing headline article that allows one to read between the lines!! Denson’s enterprise is presumably selling medicinal cannabis, but I would like to know if every sell would be accompanied by a doctor’s prescription?

      1. Robert L. Pack of Carlsbad NM throws a haymaker at Councilor Jason Perry(Roswell) for being more restrictive than state law in his opposition to medical grass or marijuana. A close friend was rear ended by someone driving under the influence of pot. Southeast NM medical cannabis alliance needs to consider the life wrecking side of smokin dope

        1. I think that Jason Perry shares the view of city councilor Juan Oropesa when he declares that $155,000 is too much to pay Keller,TX city manager Steven Polasek. Polasek sounds like the consummate politician when Randal Seyler quotes him as saying that Roswell has unlimited potential. Hell, the city has been stuck under 50,000 for the last 20 years. I don’t blame him for chasing the big bucks, but ask somebody working at MacDonalds or Wendy’s or any other hard working Mexican in Ward 1 if he deserves it.

          1. Tom Kuemmerle of Roswell in his letter to the editor would not get along too well with the hypocrisy of Jason Perry regarding the legalization of Marijuana. Kuemmerle likely smokes grass and sees through the prevarication of a city councilor who claims “his constituents” oppose making pot legal. One of the best ways to keep something a secret is to have it written up in Roswell Daily Record!

          2. Despite all the Polasek flaming that is going on here, the Roswell City Manager deserves the big bucks he is earning for sucking away power from The Mayor. Kintigh can now unilaterally place projects on city council agenda. Polasek proposes the approval of at least 4 council members for project prioritization. Thanks to Roswell record correspondent Chris Birdsey for making us aware of this proposed shift in power with his accurate headline of Council claims agenda powers from Mayor.

            1. Thank you mayor Kintigh for creating law that will throw parents in jail for 90 days if their child is excessively truant or has 10 unexcused absences. It is formally called educational neglect and we have a mayor with king sized balls! I heard Pot opponent Jason Perry 100% supports our decorated leader.

              1. How can you throw the stepmother of a 14 year old female arsonist in jail for the fire in the 1100 block of east walnut? Maria Ramiriz lives across the street from the torched home and stated the 14 year old problem child had missed a lot school and had multiple abrasive confrontations with her very caring but overwhelmed stepmother. Jonice Ferguson who lives next door to flame engulfed home also supplied testimony. In defense of the 14 year old girl, she was stressed her biological father had been recently incarcerated.

              2. Art Sandoval’s was the swing vote that allowed police officers to issue misdemeanor citations to parents of truant school students. He is dean of students at Mesa Middle School where loud disruptive classes are the norm. Kintigh believes it’s a good law since absenteeism can be a sign of parents neglecting and abusing their children. Had Art voted against educational neglect ordinance, mayor would have never got the chance to pass this controversial law.Looks like our municipal court will have to hire another judge to process all the truant kid parents.

      2. Mandy Denson,an attorney in Ruidoso,nm, states “Because our program is small and tightly regulated, it is seen as a model for the medical cannabis industry”. The program the lawyer is referring to is her pot selling program which is intended to help assuage chronic pain like Temporomandibular Joint Dysfunction or TMJ.

      3. Three cheers to city councilman Jason Perry for his silence regarding the sexually oriented businesses in Chaves County. Any preacher would not want porn shops anywhere near a church, park, or school, but that is already prohibited for adult businesses. There is enough cruising in Roswell parks to release excess sexual tension anyway.

      4. Miss Denson(Compassionate Distributors) must be enjoying her status as Roswell’s only legal marijuana distributor given the struggles of Pecos Valley Pharmaceuticals against Jason Perry and Mayor Kintigh. Their lawyer Crow is confident litigation will overturn the “morality attack” rejection of pot farm by the ETZ Authority even though NM Department of Health issued a license to Pecos Valley Pharmaceuticals represented by attorney BJ Crow.

        1. Kyle Smiley Wooten opposes the opening of Clinton Greathouse marijuana dispensary smack dab in the middle of Roswell’s medical district. Wooten opposes the smoking of grass on moral grounds. Fooling around on your wife is also immoral Kyle. Over half of all married folks have had affairs, but they are the same ones who want to preach to others that smoking wacky tabacky is wrong. Nobody gives a damn about your opinion or Terry R Johnson’s. Legal dope smoking is here to stay. Get used to it boys.

          1. Medical cannabis consultant Molly Hennessy(legal pothead) along with Jole Bell will be peddling grass at address 313 West Country club road in Roswell NM. Ginger Mace of pain warrior crew pointed out PVP will be credit card friendly which will force compassionate distributors at 117 west walnut street to reject their cash only way of providing dope smoking service.

  2. Roswell recreational marijuana user Craig Abalos whines that NM is foolish not to legalize pot. He is afflicted with reefer madness and is likely a card carrying EBT card holder used to living off the government. Next time you go to Colorado dude, consider a permanent stay to smoke all the dope you want!

    1. Craig lives at 301 W Alameda St in an area of town whose neighborhoods has declined in their appeal. He probably smokes grass and relies on EBT card like you said. He wanted everybody to know trump is dangerous. Dangerous to Craig is any government policy that would reduce handouts he gets or makes it more difficult to smoke dope.

    2. Abalos labeled NM Republicans as stiff-necked and ignorant for not wanting to legalize and tax a substance that is addictive, impairs judgement, reduces ambition, increases truancy, increases probability of being in a motor vehicle accident, bad for lungs, etc.

      Other than that, stoner Craig, your “fact filled” missive to RDR was a strong argument for solving state’s financial woes. What do you do for a living sir? Another 53 year old retiree living off liberal democrat entitlement programs?

      1. I think Craig Abalos is a science teacher based on how he excoriated Martin Kral for not knowing the meaning of the term consensus. Abalos is misinformed or ignorant regarding the workings of the World Health Organization WHO. He should write full time column in RDR rather than hog the letters to editor.

        1. Both Craig Abalos and Anthony Ullman of Dexter are pseudo intellectuals. They both believe they are intelligent making them self appointed designators of the term stupidity. Essentially anybody who does not concur with the specious tripe they pen in Roswell daily record are labeled stupid. I knew Craig and he cheated in college on the Challenging courses like chemistry physics and math but could bullshit his way through the soft writing based classes just like the profusely ignorant bullshit the RDR prints of his in the letters to editor. His “scholarly missives” have no depth or breadth.

          1. The conceit of Craig Abalos is unbounded. His fake humility was on display in his letter to the editor were he was ecstatic over meeting another gentleman of faith and erudition in the corpus of pastor Bobby Barnett. Abalos is lost in his interpretation of a well regulated militia.

            1. I agree, Abalos portrays himself as a lazy self entitled Hispanic when he takes exception to Jason espinoza’s job creation position. Craig has a lot of time on his hand to write letters to the editor because he lives off the government and expects Uncle Sam to provide cushy jobs for lazy punks like him. His letter to editor referred to “jobs nobody wants” When trump gets elected Craig will not have the governments tit to suck on and will not be able to foist himself off in his fake polymath man if erudition role.

    3. Lazy Mexican Ricardo Lopez Jr hit an Albertsons grocery store employee with his SUV after stealing food. He led police officers on a chase giving them the finger after they caught him at Union and Albuquerque streets. Officer Scott Oldani stated the SUV wreaked of marijuana smoke.

      Edwin gene Aldridge shoplifting and aggravated DWI. RPD measured BAC at 0.32

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