Oil of Wintergreen Heals


The bottle that you see of Apollo Methyl Salicyclate aka Oil of Wintergreen was ordered by my wife from PhilUSA Corporation in Pasig City, Philippines.

She had experienced a tummy ache due to gas pains for the last 48 hours and after applying the Oil of Wintergreen to her belly, she farted and burped non-stop until the gas pains had abated.  She insists that there is no comparable medicine sold in the United States that is as effective as Methyl Salicyclate.

Oil of Wintergreen is also extremely effective in relieving joint pain and arthritic discomforts. This product, repackaged by TELSTAR Manufacturing Corporation in Laguna, is an inexpensive efficacious alternative to setting an appointment with a doctor and then having to fight with insurance companies to get the care you deserve!

Also as an unrelated health aside, we learned that Dandelion Root Hot Tea lowers blood pressure as effectively and less expensively than Lisinopril medication I was taking that made me cough.

Bottle Oil of Wintergreen

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  1. There are many who believe oil of wintergreen is addictive. Any responsible non quack doctor will tell you it is at most emotionally or mentally addictive, but not physically addictive.

    1. Just watched medical infomercial where prediabetic overweight dude suffering from headaches went to a doctor for checkup. The guy claimed the physician said I have one word for you which will solve all your medical problems : Nutribullet. Hmmmmmm….sounds like the doc sold out so he he could start paying off his med school debt.

      Also ob gyn Christine Collins jumped on board probably being paid around 25 K for endorsing Nutribullet Rx

      1. I knew both Lori and Sean Pickford at Bloomsburg University way back in 1986! They both seemed so honest and genuine then. Was saddened to see Sean scraping out a living on on some type of infomercial recently selling some type of portable heater that looks like real logs burning, but it’s really fake.

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