Picture of a Clean Colon


Our Blue Cross Blue Shield health insurance policy allows for a “free” colonoscopy after age 50. After a $40 dollar copay and a 25 minute procedure, that went remarkably well, the doctor handed me these pictures that indicated my colon was quite clean and polyp free!

The pictures of my colon and rectum show a couple of hemorrhoids, a healthy appendix, and not a single instance of a polyp that would have needed to be excised and then cauterized. The scope went to the end of my colon (terminal ileum) and found nothing but a healthy colon all the way through.

The doctor wrote a prescription for some hydrocortisone acetate suppositories ( 25 mg ) to help heal the hemorrhoids. I only inserted one up my ass and it seemed to have reduced the inflammation and bleeding.

My wife and I both ingest psyllium fiber  and barley grass powder everyday.

Clean Colon with Hemorrhoids

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  1. So the hemorrhoid hydrocortisone prescription was sort of free with the colonoscopy operation? We have also heard that Barley grass powder is great for just about everything. Do you know what the colonoscopy would’ve cost without the Blue Cross Blue Shield insurance? Thanks for the informative post.

  2. I see Doctor Frederick French performed your colonoscopy. Great physician and a personable chap as well. A very good man. Roswell ,NM is a sort of revolving door for doctors .

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