Pleurisy from jogging in the cold


I worked in Monahans,TX long ago as a computer programmer and used to run a few miles every night even during those harshly cold West Texas winters. As a young man, I felt physically and medically invincible until one day when I felt sharp pains in my chest whenever I coughed or even took a deep breath.

I had Pleurisy which is an inflammation of the lining of the lungs and chest (the pleura). I believe the doctor gave me a sulfa antibiotic  script to arrest the infection and I became much more circumspect about running in the dry cold in the sand hills city.

I was a little worried to  learn that malignant mesothelioma can also originate in the pleura lining and has causes other than asbestos exposure.

I have not had Pleurisy since nor have I heard of any of my friends, relatives or colleagues being afflicted with it. I remember a college biology  professor saying your lungs may as well be an external organ given their exposure to non filtered air. I guess that is why second hand cigarette smoke is so potentially harmful to your health.




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  1. Thanks for writing this awareness post whether you intended to or not. Christine Shippen was diagnosed with pneumonia/pleurisy for over a year by her GP until it was discovered she had mesothelioma which she courageously fought and survived! An asbestos cement plant that her father worked at was the connection she believes because of the fibers he brought home in his clothes.
    Awareness, concern by loved ones, and persistence helped her to be one of the few to survive this dreaded malady.
    Christine made many aware of the second hand nature of the disease since it can be brought home via fiber clinging to clothing, hair, or skin. Also your general practitioner doctor can easily misdiagnose it mistaking it for lung ailments like pleurisy. Many have sought the advice of legal counsel concentrated in Dallas, TX, but Christine chose not to blame her malady on anybody else. I am proud of her not making lawyers rich and following her heart!

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