Quitting Statins Cold Turkey


The picture you see is a bottle of 90 Crestor tablets that we paid 50 dollars for online through Medco. This Astrazeneca product has done a great job of lowering my LDL levels and raising my HDL levels. Each pill in the bottle contains 10 milligrams of Rosuvastatin Calcium aka Crestor. One is warned on the bottle label to not take antacids for at least two hours after taking a Crestor tablet AND not to consume alcohol. Not sure if this means to not drink at all if you are  taking Crestor or just around the time you ingest the pill?

I was lazy about refilling the bottle a few months ago and went about 20 days without taking this cholesterol medication. So I guess you could say I quit Crestor cold turkey for more than half a month. While on Crestor, I did not experience muscle pain, short-term memory loss, unusual tiredness or depression  which are the top 4 side effects. Also I felt no different when I was off of the drug. I have always felt a “little depressed” when I wake up in the morning, but that was something I experienced pre and post Crestor.

I have read a lot of issues and problems on the web associated with statin consumption, but I actually knew a guy at work that was advised by his doctor to take Crestor proactively even though my colleague’s cholesterol numbers were fine! His doctor was a strong advocate of the anti-inflammatory benefits conferred by Crestor.

BTW, I can NOT fathom going back to waiting in line at Walgreens once a month for my Crestor! I order 3 months of pills at a time online from Medco for only $50. Walgreen’s drive throughs in small towns are notoriously slow!


Bottle of 90 10 mg Crestor Pills

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  1. I can not believe people wait in long lines at Walgreens for 34 pills when they can get 90 pills from Medco at extremely reduced prices. Medco mails your prescription drugs to you keeping you out of the long lines and away from the sometimes rude staff at Walgreens. Medco absorbs all postage and shipping costs. Also they ship all their drugs in temperature sensitive/insulated packaging as many types of drugs will lose their potency/effectiveness if exposed to extreme heat during shipping.

    Check out what happened to this guy in Arizona:

    Several times I have been to Walgreens in Bullhead City AZ.
    Today I waited to pickup my prescription. I waited in line for 20 minutes (they handled
    3 people during that time, including the ones who were at the counter when I arrived). My legs were hurting so bad, I couldn’t stand anymore so I left. At that time there were 5 people in line (about an hour wait?).

    The line was about 15 people long, with 1 person at the counter.

    I think they should have brought more help to the pharmacy (maybe even the manager)– maybe get a few people who just had pickups out of the line.

    There have been times where I have not had to wait, but the most of the
    time it is waiting and more waiting!

  2. I noticed the lawyer solicitation commercial regarding the claim that Lipitor causes diabetes or there is a link between consumption of statins and getting Diabetes. I guess one way of looking at this is that if your heart stops beating you would NOT have the luxury of worrying about contracting Diabetes.

  3. I was told by express scripts that 90 pills of Crestor was $750 !!! I hang up on phone rep in disbelief and shock. Next thing I know I receive 90 pills of Rosuvastatin 10 mg for the super low price of $17. Look it up on the web, and find Rosuvastatin is another name for Crestor. I don’t get it! Somebody please explain.

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