Sorry, we can’t find that page on


I guess this post should be categorized under health, although it remains debatable if the ACA aka ObamaCare will ever be successfully implemented in a fashion that will make health care more effective and affordable.

The picture you see below is what happened when I clicked on an authentication link that I received from I had earlier logged into the New Mexico ObamaCare site named to register/enroll and see if the ACA would be a less expensive alternative to the Blue Cross Blue Shield Plan that my employer offers.

As you can see, upon clicking the authentication link that I received via email from, I got a page that read Sorry, we can’t find that page on Not an auspicious debut for ObamaCare!  The New Mexico Health Insurance Exchange (NMHIX) was , presumably, created to help you get affordable care for yourself and your loved ones. However, the website not functioning on day 1 and day 2 does not instill confidence in this controversial health care program that has led to a government shutdown.

Finally, just to be clear, the broken web page that you see directly below was reached via receiving the following email from the New Mexico Health Insurance MarketPlace: Your Marketplace account has been created. There is one more step left before you can use your account. Click on this link to verify your email address:

ObamaCare Health Care Site Broken
ObamaCare Health Care Site Broken

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  1. One has to be totally attracted to the following snippets voiced by TA-NEHISI COATES of The Atlantic.
    What if the health-care law’s shortcomings aren’t just missed opportunities but moral outrages?

    The limits of dwelling “too long and too angrily on the systemic racism of America” should not be ignored. This amused me. As I noted, the problem is not that I dwell too long and too angrily on America’s systemic racism, but that America’s systemic racism has tended to dwell too long and too angrily on me.

    Coates pens a beautiful refutation to the idiotic notion that institutional racism has come and gone in the United States. In Fact, racism may be stronger now than ever given the unethical actions of our “Black President”. A few missed paychecks by ROTC students and the closing down of our nation’s service academies should be a strong enough message to our chief executive to quit trying to pull the wool over our eyes about his immoral “redistribution of wealth”

  2. You have to read this rant about a girl at menopause express who tried to use chat at……The agent informed me they could not access any account information or help with the application process on chat support. Although I just needed to know if my application had been received,the agent could not even answer that question. I had to call phone support.

    The agent on phone support informed was friendly enough and asked me if I had an account number. I said, “No. I have an application number. I’m in the very last phase of the application process and that’s where things timed out. I clicked submit but I’m not sure if it worked. I just need to know.” I was told that without an account number she could not pull up my in-process application. She could not pull it up with the application number I had, nor could she pull it up with any of my personal information.

    Now My only option was to go through the application all over again on the phone (the same application I just spent two-hours completing and had no desire to go through again). If she took me through it by phone it would take 2-6 weeks for a confirmation; whereas, if I completed it online I got an immediate response.

  3. Fidel Alarcon, a hard working Roswell NM native, is dying of liver failure and can not afford the cost of a liver transplant. He has no medical insurance and the outrageous cost of the operation is over half a million dollars!! More proof of a broken health care system when his family has to beg for donations to save his life in the local newspaper.

    1. Randal Seyler was also a reporter for Washington county news in Florida and went on a crusade to have a nativity scene removed. He challenged the constitutionality of the scene on public property. He better be careful in ultra conservative extreme right community like Roswell nm

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