Testosterone and Major League Umpires


That most recent Axiron commercial which portrays an “over the hill” major league ¬†baseball umpire with low testosterone got me to thinking. ¬†One of the scenes in the low T advertisement shows the aging home plate umpire traditionally cleaning off home plate which seems to symbolize nothing with regard to low T.

However, the commercial also shows the umpire making a correct call on a close play at the plate in a very symbolic double jerking of his arm and fist. This all happens after the middle aged male umpire had applied the drug to his underarm which is advertised to elevate testosterone levels.

Any mother of a teenage male can tell you the relationship between high testosterone and a jerking motion. Masturbation is normal and common at that age. However when you age, those levels naturally decline which might be your body telling you to take it easy and to slow down on your sexual activity. Drugs that elevate your T just to make you feel like a man again should be considered very prudently.

Drug companies are great at producing commercials that create the desired psychological effect. Don’t be duped into taking a drug you do not really need.


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  1. SSRI(Selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors), a drug for depression/anxiety/shyness/OCD, is linked to low sex drive according to Dr Komaroff. What happened to the good old days where when you felt depressed, you dealt with it in a spiritual no-drug based way!!!

    For example, watching twenty year old women play volleyball in skin tight spandex shorts is a free natural, drug free way of getting a natural woody.

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