Tracking your blood pressure at home is Important


The picture you see of the HoMEDICS blood pressure device reads 150/101. A friend uses one made by global industrial that usually reads just a tad lower than the the one you see attached on the left arm between the elbow and shoulder by a comfortably fitting Velcro cuff.

The figure 150 is called the systolic pressure measured in millimeters of mercury and is the pressure when ones heart is contracted. The bottom number 101 is called the diastolic blood pressure and measures the pressure your heart feels when it is relaxed. To relate this to atmospheric pressure, 760 mm of mercury is same as the 14.7 psi that occurs at sea level.

In the decade of the 90s, a BP of 120/80 or lower was considered healthy. These days many cardiologists and doctors tell their patients that a blood pressure as high as 140 over 90 is no cause for concern and not requiring medication.

Also depending on other medical conditions and body types BPs like 145/95,146/93,150/96,151/91,149/92,152/90,141/98,141/96,150/94 should be noted but may not require BP medication like lisinopril, diovan, or valsartan, but only diet or exercise changes.

Finally the circled two that you see in the upper left part of the blood pressure monitor display is the hypertension indicator that gets tripped when your blood pressure is 140/90 or higher.

Blood pressure device important item in any household
Blood pressure device important item in any household



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  1. Tracking blood pressure has always been easy with the inexpensive devices you can buy at Walmart or Sams Club. Does anybody know if there is a way to track or monitor your cholesterol, both HDL and LDL, from home without having to schedule an appointment and then wait 3 months to see a doctor who might not accept your insurance. Oh yeah, after 3 months of waiting, the doctor impatiently scribbles out the script in around 5 minutes.

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