What you need to do to Prep for a Colonoscopy


It is conventional medical wisdom these days to have a colonoscopy done around age 50. Below are 3 pictures that summarize what needs to be done and what will happen if you have a colonoscopy.

The first picture you see is the NuLytely or GoLytely bowel cleansing jug full of salt, baking soda, and potassium chloride. The second picture are three enemas you can pick up at Walgreens that are saline laxative based. The third picture are the results of of the colonoscopy procedure in picture form revealing a clean, polyp free colon!

Our Blue Cross Blue Shield health insurance covered the whole thing 4 years ago, but many of my colleagues are quite upset that over $1000 is out of pocket for the same preventive health care, diagnostic these days!


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  1. Sort of connected to this is the honest work published by Medical Doctor Pamela Wible. She writes extensively about how doctors excessively profile patients which leads to an incredible amount of misdiagnosis and errors in dispensing prescription pain medication. Also many women who had abusive childhoods with various health issues are automatically dismissed as psychosomatic without any “real doctoring” happening.