Do you have the right to video police officers doing their job?



Blind Scales of Justice
Blind Scales of Justice

Lawyer Morgan Leigh Manning claims citizens have the right to video police officers while they are performing their job. This was not the case when we visited both Albuquerque,NM and Toronto,Windsor Canada.

I want to describe an event not too far from where this homeless Toronto beggar was located. It was our first time in Canada’s largest city. We stopped for some shade and water at a small park where a number of beggars and street people were temporarily residing. One of the vagrants was quite inebriated and loud. A Toronto police officer approached and appeared to tell the bum to either quite down or vacate the park.

The officer suddenly turned around and wagged his finger at a park goer who was apparently videoing the cops’s actions. We only figured it out when my wife heard the officer tell the woman to delete the video. My wife has good hearing, but it is still possible she misunderstood the officer’s words. It is certain that the police officer was perturbed about something the onlooker did.

I think it is good that policemen know it is possible they might be videoed while doing their jobs because it forces them to be accountable and to not use undue force. Read more of the Popular Mechanic’s article written by Morgan Leigh Manning on this fascinating legal issue. Under similar circumstances in Albuquerque, I tried to video an officer talking to a hobo who was slumbering in a city park. The officer fixed his gaze on me in a way that indicated he wanted me to terminate the recording. I did and moved on. Howard M. Wasserman can tell you much more about video functioning to assist in the public oversight of the government. Citizens freely videoing serves as a check on excessive action by power hungry cops.

Sort of related to this is the video of a young, attention seeking, self-entitled, spoiled boy named Jordan who videoed himself whining to a police officer for a tinted window citation. The officer informed him that his actions were like that of a burglar and poor Jordan did not have a clue as to why or pretended he didn’t at least. The United States is full of unaccountable punks who will never amount to anything. Poor Jordan has nothing going on in his life and is trying to become a video sensation.  He could not understand why the officer would hassle somebody like him.  Jordan had lost a previous ticket which he would not take responsibility for when questioned by the very professional and in control police officer. Tinted windows that do not allow police officers or concerned citizens to see the car’s occupants should be outlawed. Way too many kids in this country need to earn some respect rather than go off about “their rights”.

Jordan is probably a product of Affluenza similar to Ethan Couch. You really can not expect a kid whose parents are only interested in keeping up with the Jones to turn out much different.





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  1. This is a little off topic, but related. I want to thank Lannie Askew a TSA supervisor at Reagan National Airport. TSA supervisors have put up with a lot of irritable and rude people who are in a hurry to to get on their planes, but it is their responsibility to keep the airports and planes safe just like the cops who are taking the heat in Albuquerque for doing their jobs. Nobody likes to read about police officers shooting people, but some criminals leave the police force no choice.

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