Fighting Traffic Tickets issued for excessive Honking


BlindJusticeThe following is a summary of an Avvo post made by an attorney who specializes in getting traffic tickets erased from your driving record.
Lawyer Nathan Douglas Wente, practicing out of Yreka, CA, appears to take great pleasure in making honest police officers look like idiots. He has a great deal of experience in getting speeding citations dismissed. His job is to effectively discredit law enforcement professionals even though they acted in accordance to their job duties.

Wente defended a man who was issued a ticket in Las Vegas for honking at motorist in front of him who had not noticed the left turn signal was on. When the inattentive motorist finally turned left on a yellow, it was too late for Wente’s client to make his desired left turn forcing him to wait through another 3 and a half minute cycle prior to next left turn signal.

Wente is quite familiar with horn honking law/ordinance/code NRS 484D.400 which declares a motorist shall, when reasonably necessary to ensure safe operation, give audible warning with the horn. He speciously argues that the short honk of his client’s horn at the vehicle stopped at the green light was reasonably necessary to safe operation claiming that a “parked” car at a green light could cause a safety or traffic hazard.

It is this ticket lawyer that sounds like an idiot if he is really maintaining that a driver sitting through a green light is creating a hazardous condition. Here I am referencing a direct quote by the ticket lawyer: “Get an attorney who can skillfully cross examine the officer and make him look like an idiot (assuming everything you’ve said in your post is accurate).”


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