Ian Rosson the Stoic


Ian Rossman has a low credit score like many Americans. That is why the mother of his child agreed to buy a car in her name with money Ian earned.

Problem is she was responsible for the medical bills of car owner that Ian Tboned after the couples GEICO insurance had lapsed or was unpaid.

She felt that Ian should pay deductible of $2000.  Ian had requested mother of his child transfer title of car to him prior to accident. She did not comply  which pissed off Judge Judith Sheindlin who was caustically dismissive of her mother’s testimony. The judge branded her refusal to sign over the vehicle as stubborn and only  held Ian responsible for $1500 of deductible.

I doubt there is any legal precept allowing a judge to punish a litigant for being stubborn. Mom might consider appealing the ruling to check the actions of a magistrate who enjoys fining people for her perception of their character flaws.

Ian has exemplary courtroom comportment and decorum. He stood respectfully at attention rarely speaking unless responding to direct questioning from the old female judge. He appeared to be acting in fashion that he felt would be palatable to the irascible TV courtroom celebrity.



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