No middleman required to patent your inventions


Just watched an advertisement on NBA TV for assistance on patenting your inventions to major corporations. The name of the place was InventHelp and they claim they want to help you if you have an idea that you want to monetize.

Just like it is possible to sell your home without a realtor, it is fairly straightforward to patent your idea yourself without the assistance of professionals or attorneys. InventHelp made no mention of any fees or costs associated with them helping you patent your idea.(Actually if you look closely at the ad, you will see a “fine print” Fee based company note)

It is certainly true that a third party might help one to avoid mistakes commonly associated with applying for their first patent. It gets down to what InventHelp charges for their services versus how much research you are willing to do on your own.

Help patenting your inventions
Help patenting your inventions

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  1. The DrainWig invention by Jennifer Briggs is clever but easily replaced by a much less expensive $2 drain screen that filters hair and debris at surface of drain. Nice try mom.

  2. Just because somebody else has thought about your idea first does NOT mean you can NOT profit from it. We had met with a patent attorney about our idea to make people stick in their car and not be thrown from vehicle during serious accident.
    Perry Narancic at Royse Law Firm helped us a bunch and we will be outa the trailer park in no time flat even though I love getting hit by those big discreet black men!

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