Pendency of Action Notice


The following notice in the Roswell Daily Record might be quite helpful to parents who are battling over the custody of their children. It was published from Nov 29 to Dec 13 2014 and was to notify Jacqueline Elizabeth Prag and Deborah and Kelly Forest that a stipulated agreement for a change of physical custody has been filed in the 5th judicial court in Chaves County.

If defendants do not reply to the motion for the change of physical custody of the minor child, then the child might be turned over to the father Justin Lee Forrest. That is the father will gain custody of the child by legal default.

J. Marco Perales Pina of Las Cruces is the father’s counselor and has helped many other parents engaged in struggles regarding their progeny’s well being. It is nice to know that a legal notice published in a local newspaper is sufficient to alert negligent parties that inaction will result in losing parental rights and privileges.

I guess an important question is can parents publish these notices in the newspaper themselves without having to retain an expensive attorney? I would think that with proper legal research, the need for a costly lawyer could be circumvented.

The divorce lawyers we had in Dallas were super expensive leading me and my ex wife to amicably do it all ourselves not giving the attorneys a single penny of our hard earned income. In fact, my ex and I are still good friends, and agreeing to leave the lawyers out of the equation helped to build our friendship bond even though we don’t get along well enough to live together!

Child Custody Notice in Newspaper
Child Custody Notice in Newspaper

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