The Legal consequences of cheating on your Spouse.



A close friend of mine used to, almost daily, confide to me insecurities he experienced concerning his wife’s commitment to their 6 year old marriage. She was coming home from work later than usual and becoming less and less communicative. He thought she might be cheating, but still trusted her.

Early on in their marriage, everyday had been great and they both expressed their affection for each other frequently and profusely. He noticed that there had been a significant reduction in intimacy and the tender light hearted moments that had characterized their union in its early years.
I switched jobs and lost contact with my buddy, but thought about him when I found that 7 states legally recognize alienation of affection as a punishable offense. If your spouse deserts you and you can establish there is a third party responsible for the estrangement then you have a basis for a law suit. In most cases, the cause is cheating, infidelity or some other type of extramarital affair. However there have been instances where family members, marriage therapists or even preachers have been charged with alienation of affection after they advised a spouse to divorce !
So the next time you are at happy hour and the inevitable temptation presents itself

THINK TWICE. Why?, you have a right to wreck your own life but not the well-being of others. If appealing to your conscious is ineffective, please understand the legal ramifications of cheating on your spouse can be costly and embarrassing. If that does not bother you, then remember the highly illegal method of the the female Texas dentist. PLEASE, if you think there is any chance of you being unfaithful, remain single!


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  1. Under no circumstances should a woman tolerate a man who cheats on her! A friend in California caught her old man in the act and hired an excellent divorce lawyer who got her out of an abysmal marriage at very little cost to her. Her jerk husband then stalked her in retaliation and same attorney successfully prosecuted the scumbag.

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