Near La Jara, Colorado USA


This roadside memorial adjacent to a railroad crossing near La Jara, Colorado suggested that the deceased was hit by a train.  Only the last name of Lopez was visible on the T part of the Holy Cross. La Jara has a population of less than 1000 people with many of it citizens living below poverty level at a median family income of around $23,000.

Poverty and boredom are often related to depression where young people may choose to gamble with their own life by playing chicken with high speed locomotives. Vivian Ho wrote a gloomy article about  Olympia Pereira’s description of a close friend of hers named Austin Price whose body torn apart by an oncoming train which certainly did not have time to break for the foolish behavior of an adolescent who was probably trying to show off for the girl he was infatuated with.

This game of playing chicken with train engineers is far too common for some of the students of San Lorenzo High School in the San Francisco area. Such a contrast to the beautiful  snow capped Rocky Mountains in the background. Principal Tovi Scruggs is well aware of the high testoterone levels of young males, but it is impossible to monitor their every activity.


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