Near Willard, NM


This tribute to Jose was south of estancia not too far from Willard New Mexico. It was just after turning east off of highway 41 at that T intersection towards Willard on 60. Turning west or right at the T takes motorists and hitchhikers to mountain air NM.

As you can see, the makeshift cross adorned with artificial orange flowers has a crosspiece not quite cut properly for such a memorial holy emblem.

There was nothing dangerous or unsafe about this stretch of highway, so a natural assumption is Jose was a young man who was driving under the influence of alcohol. The cross marking the location of his fatal traffic accident most certainly leaves behind loving family and friends.

Incidentally, this was not far from  one  of New Mexico’s more obscure , yet fascinating geological features, the salt lakes of the Estancia basin in Torrance county. Online maps refer to region as Laguna Del Perro.  Also it is related to the budding endeavor of geocaching whatever the hell that is.


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  1. Faintly related to your piece here, are the odd objections of Patrick Barkham on the placement of artificial or fake flowers on cemetery grounds.

    He appears to believe that since plastic flowers can not decompose like the rotting flesh they are memorializing, they should be banned?!

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