Robert Joe Angel Archuleta


Waldrop Rest Area In Chaves County has some very confusing and dangerous signage coming in from the east on US380. The road changes abruptly where a motorist at night does not know if they are exiting or on the main road.

I could not help but contemplate if this was the reason for a car crash that may have claimed the life of Robert Joe Angel Archuleta on December 8, 2014. His loved ones placed an illuminated wooden cross with the Forever Young inscription you see in the picture below.

There was an epitaph, near Robert’s picture, on the the back of the holy cross that had faintly suicidal sounding phrases. I wonder if Robert was afraid of getting old? The epitaph contained language comforting to family and friends emphasizing Angel was in a better place.  I am sure he made the best of his 28 years on earth. RIP

Dangerous rest stop Chaves County


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  1. Was shocked at some of the things mentioned in Lisa Dunlap’s RDR article regarding the distribution of opiod addiction treatment kits. Apparently Chaves County has some of the highest substance abuse numbers in the country! To combat the problem, the detention center will administer the overdose treatment kits. Clay Corn wants to make sure the juvenile facilities can distribute Narcan as well.

    Getting a handle on opiod addiction would reduce number of fatal car accidents as well!!

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