A tribute to the former Pecos Valley Industrial Supply Company, Roswell,NM


I am sure  the run down, dilapidated, unoccupied building at 709 N Virginia  in Roswell,NM has many heart warming stories to tell, but today it is the old weed overgrown structure directly behind Buffalo Wild Wings within earshot of screaming sports fans.

The name of the building once housing a venerable enterprise is Pecos Valley Industrial Supply Company.  Roswell, the Chaves County Seat, is very much an agricultural community full of cowboys, ranchers, and farmers. Without knowing, I would guess that this industrial supply business made of lot of  its money by selling pumps, pipes, valves, sprinkler heads, motors, tanks, gauges and other items that supported properly functioning irrigation systems.

I did various Google searches on  this company with the fading black letters on its facade. Nothing came back on this building, other than electric supply, which indicated its windows have been boarded for quite some time.

A strong conjecture regarding this defunct business is that, in this age of ordering just about anything you could possibly need online, farmers and ranchers with industrial equipment needs can order whatever they need online with free overnight delivery. No way the business that use to thrive, in the cinder block dwelling you see in picture below, could compete with the efficiencies and scale of online equipment distributors. Possibly another brick and mortar company slaughtered by the commerce side of the World Wide Web.

I hope I have not been callous or insensitive to any former family members or relatives of the owners and operators of the former Pecos Valley Industrial Supply Company. The content writers here would certainly like to know more about its story and history.



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  1. That part of town is heating up. I heard there is interest in opening up A brewery. I bet you could get this property for around $35,000 as is and steal away some business from chicken wings place by blending some specialized potent potables. I hope somebody goes for it! A group of people putting up the front money could pay cash for business without giving local banks any business. Banks don’t take any chances anymore, so dont let them earn a penny of interest income from you. Leave them out of the loop if at all possible.

  2. Thanks Alison Jacobson for pointing out removing civil war slavery symbols is wiping out the truth regarding our nation’s development. What business owner today would honestly deny that free labor is a cash cow!

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