Carnegie Library in Roswell Nearing Extinction


Last I heard Robert Maples was supposed to be preaching out of the old Carnegie Library on west 3rd street in Roswell,NM. I just read, courtesy of our very active new RDR editor Timothy Howsare, that the historical treasure is on the auction block.

The article by DJ Porter educationally points out that the curved staircases rising from the sidewalk is a symbolic feature of all Carnegie libraries. The ascending nature of the staircase represents a person’s growth in knowledge and learning!

Taylor Realtors(Ranchline)wants $375,000 for the history resonating structure even hinting of the presence of an alien in the basement.

Nicole Vargas, the sales agent for Ranchline, indicates there is a group of buyers who want to convert it to a homeless shelter for veterans. That is a bad idea and no way to get young kids who fought in Afghanistan and Irag functional and back on their feet.

I know a lot of the veterans suffer from PTSD, but giving them a place to live for free is not towards any type of curative recovery.

Finally, Jan Dunnahoo’s nostalgic recollections of her walks to the library with her mother seem light years away from the mindless activities of the social media adolescents of today!

I almost forgot, as Porter’s well written article mentions, the Roswell Historic Society wants to sustain the venerable library as is. However, Larry Knadle, who combined with Bob Vogel to write a history tome on the Rotary Club, indicates the costly nature of building code requirements, repairs, and asbestos abatement might not sit well with hard working Roswellites whose property tax would fund most of it.

Carnegie Library for Sale in Roswell,NM
Carnegie Library for Sale in Roswell,NM

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  1. Tim writes a nice little column titled Ripcord into Reality in the RDR where he describes the abject drought in Pampa that induced him to move to the Pecos Valley where there are aquifers to grow pecans, fund cheese factories, avoid water rationing. The weeds here get just as tall as the ones in Pampa. Glad to have and editor with a sincere sense of community and historical import!

    1. A newspaper column that opens with “I hate that phrase.” is to be generally distrusted, but I had to read on when Jonathan Boldt, hashtag #cloudporn, sports editor of roswell daily record revealed the injustices of coaches ignoring the consequences of concussions. Boldt, from Michigan, does a nice job of educating his readership regarding the long term effect of head injuries. Go Wolverines!! Boldt’s idea of opening with “hate language” is straight from journalism 101 as an attention getter.

    2. Many thanks to RDR editor Tim Howsare for recognizing the monumental efforts of Southeast Down Syndrome Foundation director Missy Holman. Holman insightfully points out that there are more joys than challenges in raising a kiddo with a triploid or an extra copy of chromosome 21. Thank you Missy for providing more information for expecting parents and educating our tightly knit Roswell community!

  2. Gilbert Alvarado of Roswell,NM appears to have wanted to see his name in print more than anything else when he writes a letter to the editor complaining that local newspaper does not print enough national news. Hint Mr Alvarado, the RDR is a small town paper focused on LOCAL news like grown men sexually penetrating 15 year olds. Also sir, you are not reading the paper as much as you claim because illegal immigration is reported frequently!

    Good job Tim Howsare! You are a great editor.

    1. Alvarado’s indignation is quite justified in his recent letter to the editor of the RDR. He calls for our black president’s impeachment while declaring PRES is unilaterally implementing amnesty for illegal aliens released at FLETC in Artesia. Get ready Dilley Texas with your South Texas Family Residential Center.

      1. We drove through Roswell coming from Odessa,TX and noticed non United States citizens holding up protest signs across from Chaves County courthouse. Were wondering if they had escaped from detention center in Artesia?

        Read online article by Dickman in Roswell newspaper and come to find out they are the reason my cousin will not be able to use his drivers license as ID in airports and other various inconveniences as detailed in the federal REAL ID Act.

        The pseudo protest or vigil was organized by Somos Un Pueblo UNIDO and appears to be quite simply the demands of spoiled noncitizens who believe they have the same rights as people born and raised in United States. This is the kind of crap that happens when you have an inept president in office.

        One of the signs said “stop picking on NM” held up by maybe a 19 year old woman. Since your picture is in paper, maybe you would prefer to be deported back to Mexico OR would you rather be continued to be picked on in USA?

        Also Marcela Diaz, executive director of Somos Un Pueblo Unido, needs to understand wage theft is only enforceable for US citizens. Keep organizing these protests woman and when a Republican lands in the whitehouse you won’t need a drivers license to be deported.

  3. The Fisk building at fourth and Main is essentially a condemned and dangerous building. It will cost the city over $200,000 to bring it up to code.

    Enter Amanda and Joe Mason who have offered the city 30K for Fisk to open an ice cream business.

    Current tenants are the Hispano chamber of commerce and Chaves County dwi prevention who are both content occupying derelict venue.

    City manager joe Neeb should push through the sell of the 114 year old structure, despite the opinions of naysayers like Jason Perry, art Sandoval and Henderson. Christie Mann will be upset if her chamber gets upstaged by ice cream parlor

    1. I hope Joe and Amanda will strongly consider creating loft apartments in the Fisk Building which they now own! I know there is demand especially for homeowners tired of paying homeowners insurance and property tax.

  4. Nicole Vargas Did not get the 6% fee for the sale of old Carnegie library. Todd Taylor would not disclose if the buyers would use it as homeless shelter for military veterans.

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