Chaves County Libertarian Party Intrigue


The editor of the Roswell Daily Record, himself, photographed this evidence of a libertarian party while bicycling east of town. One should not be surprised that a libertarian party exists here given the ultra conservative nature of this southeastern New Mexico community.

Tim Howsare’s efforts brings back fond memories of a political science class I took where a libertarian was defined as one who believes in a minimal state which also has a definition that entails two and ONLY two government functions to wit, enforcing contracts and protecting against foreign invasions.

Most of us probably do not remember the names of libertarian candidates who have run at the National level. A guy named John Hospers received one electoral vote back in 1972 ¬†running as libertarian. ¬†Hospers taught philosophy at Brooklyn College and had an on/off relationship(academic I presume) with the famous capitalist Ayn Rand. The only damage a libertarian candidate can probably do is to force one of the parties, likely the Republican party, to incorporate some libertarian ideals in the GOP candidate’s platform.

Many citizens of Roswell and much of the nation rely heavily on EBT cards, entitlements, and other  government handouts which is likely why a libertarian has no chance to get out of the starting gate.(feeding lazy people is NOT in the libertarian playbook)

Much thanks to our peripatetic editor who earlier produced excellent report of his guided tour through Carlsbad Caverns. He spoke of microbes whose excrement has a plastic character to it. Tim pondered the potential of commercially exploiting this to yield inexpensive green plastic. Sounds plausible, but I am guessing other entrepreneurial spirits have contemplated same thing and ran into impediments.

Libertarian party Roswell,NM
Libertarian party Roswell,NM

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  1. Would anybody know the yearly salary of Paul J. Gessing, President of the Rio Grande Foundation, who appears to be a staunch Libertarian? Paul chose to publish the salaries of all NMMI(military school in Roswell,NM) employees at his Rio Grande Foundation website. Mission statement indicates foundation does not support or endorse any candidate for political office, but they sound like they are significantly anti-government and would throw in all their chips(as few as they have) if a libertarian ran for anything.

    There are a few of these watchdog type of organizations in Texas who demand to know every last personal attribute about any government employee, but are quite reluctant to divulge anything about themselves unless it is something superficial like enjoying an evening walk with wife and dog. I wonder what their advocate John Stossel would think about them splattering the salaries of random state employees about the internet?

    1. I do not know his salary, but Attended speech at Roswell Rotary Club where Gessing spoke. He did not mention why he published NMMI salaries on his rio grande foundation site. He talked about the high fraction of state workers versus people who work fast food or retail job. Seemed to be against tax payers funding Roswell film studio.

      1. Former cadet joshua Adam Williams of lakeside California admitted to possession of child pornography, distribution and production. US attorney Marisa Lizarraga has got that boy by the short hairs.

    2. Paul J Gessing(guessing) publishes much of his conjecture about bloated government and his contempt for senate majority leader Peter wirth in NM newspapers. One cannot help but love him for his opposition to excessive government spending and his vehement criticism of career politicians who live off of taxpayer dollars while effecting little substantive change.

      However I would also like to know the yearly income of the president of NM Rio Grande Foundation. He seems to enjoy keeping that a secret. Mr Gessing, please reply with your yearly compensation. After all, you publish the salaries of school teachers at your website as though they are overpaid. You will lose the support of the readers of this blog if you REFUSE to be forthcoming and transparent on this matter!

    3. Thank God D. Dowd Muska has taken over for Gessing as president of Rio Grande Foundation! Gessing is reckless and irresponsible in his reportage of public information.

      Muska hit nail on the head with sunk-cost fallacy and Branson’s space station flight flop in NM

      1. Ray Pawley of Arabela got the spelling of D. Dowd Muska wrong, but everything else right in his letter to editor of RDR. Richard Branson played in NM desert, but left us with an expensive toy!

        1. Ray Pawley who lives at the base of capitan Mountain is unusually concerned about the state of affairs at Roswell zoo.

          The Arabelian needs to move to Alien city and pay property tax before his opinion will be valued. He is right visitors having to pay more than Roswellites. Like to know why he cares so much when he does not live here. How about it Mountain man?

  2. God bless Timothy Howsare as he recovers from medical condition after being airlifted to Lubbock for serious brain malady. We love you pastor Holt for tracing cross on this good man’s forehead. Reverend Holt is a true servant of the Lord accepting much lower wages than her advanced theology degree would earn her in different work force markets. Thank you for your sacrifices Lavonne!!!!!

  3. Goatee sporting, longtime resident of Worcester Massachusetts, Libertarian Jeffrey Cabana is running for Ward 1 city councilor seat. Jeff married a roswell mother named Lynette and they are raising six kiddos from previous marriages.

    Jeff is attracted to the better weather here, low cost of living and friendly people not counting the 50 crooks that appear in our police blotter weekly.

    He is on first name basis with his opponent Jacob Roebuck. Decreasing crime and no shows at city council meetings would be a better aim than increasing tourism dollars.

    If elected, I hope he will take the iniative to amp up the struggling film studio here. Film studio owner Thadd Turner came to town guns a blazing, but the best I can tell it has been a flop. Perhaps aspiring politician Cabana and Turner can form an alliance to right the ship!

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