History Making Event at the Toyota Center in Houston


A violation in which a defensive player interferes with a shot when it is on its downward arc or is on, within, or over the rim.

Opening a post with a dictionary definition must make the reader think the writer has a really dull life. Well, that is sort of true, but there is an excellent reason for the unlikely beginning.

The Houston Rockets won the first NBA game in recorded history that  was decided by a goaltending call with no time left on the clock. With the score tied at 98, Harden shot a 3 ball that bounced off the iron and went close to straight up. Regulation time expired as the basketball was descending back to the rim where Jermaine O’Neil touched the ball in the cylinder constituting a goaltending call.

The officials had to huddle and eventually awarded the Rockets three points and a victory that clinches at least an 8 seed in the Western conference for the NBA playoffs.

Initially Bill Worrell and Clyde Drexler thought game was headed to overtime since the goal tending occurred with no time, but they realized that was irrelevant as the shot has “the right” to pass through the net even if time has run out!


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  1. Michael Kimball an okc fan honestly points out:
    Also, anyone who faults Patrick Beverley should note that Russ has done the fake-a-timeout-then-drive-to-the-hoop move plenty of times.
    One has to admire the journalistic integrity of Kimball who loves his Thunder but knows that Beverley’s steal attempt on Westbrook was not dirty or intended to injure one of the league’s premier players.

  2. Danny Green of the San Antonio Spurs is claiming that God is responsible for beating the Miami Heat. Green always gives credit to a higher power during interviews. Green, with a straight face, said there was no other possible explanation for how well the Spurs have been playing. Magdalena, NM has no water and yet Green actually believes God has an interest in the outcome of the NBA finals.

    Pastor Dewey Moede and his congregation prayed fervently for rain. Much of southeastern nm is struggling due to the effects of this historic drought.

    1. Danny Green has not hit a 3 ball in Miami. I guess God thought he got all he deserved in San Antonio. Oh he just hit a three. God must have been busy dealing with all the Texas New Mexico water war prayers.

      1. Not sure if you are joking about Obama serving a third term but Dem Bones says it is possible if Obama resigns admitting that election fraud is how he was elected to his second term. Biden would finish out Obama’s second term and then Obama could run and win in next presidential election!

        1. You would get along well with George Rebane who has disdain for complete sentences, but this does not conceal his contempt for Barack Hussein. Read what Rebane has to say about the Internal Revenue Service under Obama’s watch.

          IRS politicized – responsive weapon to target opposition groups, institutions, and individuals, agency radicalized, cover-up, lies

  3. Rockets playing like “choke city” tonight against the Trailblazers compared to good old days in 95 where Otis Thorpe, Hakeem , and Clyde drexler were the nucleus of the “clutch city” teams that won the NBA championship.

    1. Jeremy Lin just missed an easy layup by NBA standards that would have won game three against the Portland Trailblazers. Rockets do not have championship caliber defense. Chandler Parsons has NOT shown up for the playoffs after being an outstanding regular season player.
      Dwight Howard talked about how the Rockets were special and how he thought they would go all the way, but Portland is kicking their ass in first round. Rockets have NO killer instinct and don’t deserve to get out of the first round. What a disappointment after a great regular season.
      Wesley Matthews of the Blazers cries like a baby girl every time they call foul on him.

      1. Jeremy Lin may not be shooting that well this series, but his loose ball hustle play where he stole the ball from Mo Williams and passed it out to Daniels for game winning three kept the Rocket’s season alive! Williams was whining that Lin fouled him, but Dwight was getting fouled in the low post on every play. Maybe Mo was fouled, but fair is fair

    2. The Rockets still will NOT get out of the first round of NBA playoffs after learning that Donatas Motiejunas is out for the season. Donatas Motiejunas is better than Dwight Howard who is not as reliable and dominant as he used to be.

      1. Jeff Van Gundy would have been a philosopher had he not chosen a career as an NBA coach/commentator. He astutely observed the unjust first round pairing between the clippers and the Spurs viz a viz the Memphis Portland pairing.

        I concur with the venerable coach as Portland has an easier chance of getting out of the first round than either the Spurs or the Clippers who are both better teams!

        Van Gundy is mistaken about his perception of the hacka weak foul shooter. It costs the fouling team a team foul as well as being closer to disqualification from the game. A price is being paid for implementing the strategy coach.

    3. Rockets suck so bad this year. They were controlled by the Mavericks and then lost to Phoenix tonight to guarantee they will not even win the eighth seed. Very weak team with no heart or character.

      1. Who has the tiebreaker between houston rockets and utah jazz for the 8th playoff spot in NBA western conference? The answer is the ROCKETS DO with a 26-24 record in conference versus 23-26 for the Jazz!! As inconsistent as the Rockets have been, they still have a chance to go to 2016 playoffs. They match up well against the Warriors barely losing to them last year in championship series.

      2. They have heart and character this year, but will never win NBA championship with James Hardin on their team. Rockets were up by 13 points with 3 minutes to go when Hardin committed 4 careless turnovers all resulting in Spur points. He is great individually but not a leader or a team player. He is constantly driving the ball into traffic and turning it over.

  4. I now see why Josh Smith was cut by Atlanta Hawks and Detroit pistons. The rockets were within 5 points of the clippers in playoff game when Josh Smith started taking and missing threes. He is very weak player and a liability to the team. Kevin McHale also a lousy coach.

    Rockets allowed a 23-0 run proving they are not strong enough to get to conference final. The rockets suck and do not have the character of the 95 clutch city team.

    Dwight Howard is very low IQ and harms the team with his careless play making stupid fouls so he can sit his lazy butt on bench. He says he dreams if winning a championship, but he does not play like it.

    Does anybody know why coach started Josh Smith? He is always turning ball over with alley oops or just throwing the ball away. He helps some with offensive boards.

    Jon Barry is the most intelligent NBA commentator. He harshly criticized Rockets for allowing a fast break layup after a make And Dwight Howard for committing STUPID fouls early in elimination game with Clippers. Howard is stupid to not know that his defensive presence is more important than contesting a shot risking a foul. Rockets don’t really want it when they score layup on one end and then give up a layup to clippers on other end.

    James Harden did NOT win MVP for a reason. He is sloppy and careless with basketball. He has already turned ball over 5 times in first 7 minutes in a game 7 with Clippers. Howard, as usual is committing dumb early fouls causing coach McHale to bench him which hurts the teams rim protection

    1. Rockets are average team that will be lucky to get 8 seed. They struggled losing to weak 9-20 Pelicans team. Rockets offense is nothing but isolate Harden and watch him shoot a three ball or turn it over. No intensity or leadership. Will lose in first round if they get to playoffs.

      1. Hard to believe how weak the rockets are this year after going to NBA finals last year. They were dominating the Jazz 49-34 at halftime and then folded like little baby girls. No leadership or tough players with heart on team. They SUCK

    2. I agree about Harden not being MVP material. He is too sloppy and careless with ball to be bona fide leader. Westbrook and curry much more deserving of most valuable player trophy. Harden turns ball over on consecutive possessions frequently. Rockets give up too many 3 or 4 second scoring possessions. NOT a championship caliber team.

      1. Sorry Mr Harden, you will never win MVP or win a championship the way you just hold the ball on the perimeter NOT trusting your teammates. Why coach de Antonio does bench your selfish egotistical ass will always be a mystery. Spurs whipped your ass without Parker and Leonard.

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