Hitchcock Silent Flick Overtly Misogynistic


The American feminist movement has its share of critics. However, if one is aware of how prevalent advancing the inferior status status of women was in film and the literature, then the formation of said movement is quite understandable and sensible.

The silent move titled The Lodger: A story of the London Fog, had a rather dim misogynistic view of marriage. A specific line from the film supports the claim: They do say that the next best thing to no wife be a good one. To be clear, the Hitchcock character uttering this line ranked being single number one and having a good wife number two!.

So one should not be too taken aback by the effect of this critically acclaimed 1927 British movie on the output of writers like  Lauren Alexis Fisher. What you want to bet Gloria Steinem could recite it vertbatim at her advanced age? I will never forget her speaking at Texas Tech in Lubbock. She spoke how if men had to experience the monthly cycle of menstruation, they would brag about the volume of their bloody discharge! Brought the house down in the 80s.  Some West Texas Cowboy: I was on the rag 4 days and lost 15 pounds

misogynist line from Hitchcock silent movie


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  1. Didn’t see that film, but they had a Hitchcock retrospective on TCM the other night, and I caught the last half of a silent film he made in 1927. It was clear to see the seedlings of genius there.

    I’m not sure if it’s misogyny, or simply the misconceptions of a bygone era.

    Things are definitely better for women now than in 1927. Progress is good.

    1. It is currently on TCM Turner Classic Movies. I love listening to Ben Mankiewicz cover obscure aspects of their movies. I may have overdone it selecting the term misogyny. Perhaps inferiority avoiding the hate connotations.

      1. There’s no escaping that women were treated as second-class citizens back then, so now that I think of it, maybe misogyny wasn’t far off the mark.

        I love TCM, too. And Mankiewicz. If we couldn’t get TCM here, I don’t think we’d even pay for the cable TV.

        1. Dear Dr Abalos,

          I am taking a political science class in Lubbock Texas at Texas Tech. I have an assignment to write a piece about the plight of an oppressed group. The theme I have chosen is the struggles of women despite all the laws and legislation that supposedly favors them.

          Our professor requires at least one reference from a small town newspaper. I would be grateful if I could use any material you may have excluding any identifying information.

          I have read a couple of your columns and really appreciate you being an advocate for common folks in low income families. I may need to use your column on universal basic income for a future paper and would like to know what your fee would be for that .

          1. Despite the protests of Roswell resident JW Kopp, UBI is a good idea. Kopp stops just short of calling Dr. Abalos crazy and lazy!! I do understand why some not want the government to give away $30,000 a year to people who stand around begging in the streets and side with Kopp.

      2. Did you watch rear window on TMC where the lady they were spying on who kicked suitor out for forcing her to have sex was popping Rhodium tri-eckonal capsules. She was using them as sleeping pills. Is this for real or made up name for pills? Jimmy Stewart’s character played great voyeur.

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