Houston Astros Best Winning Percentage in the Major Leagues!


I used to watch my beloved Astros back in the good old days of Foamers, Gene Elston and Loel Elijah Passe. Passe did not pass the objective sportscaster test, but was an avid supporter of the baseball team who could not conceal disappointment when his Cesar Cedeno led team underperformed. Yes, I remember the Cesar’s Palace designation that Cedeno certainly earned.

By the way, a Foamer was when everybody in stadium(Astrodome which was rodeo last I heard) got free booze if a home run was hit on an even minute. My memory may fail me on that one. Anyway, I am only here to record the fact that the Astros on July 1, 2017 have the best record in Major League Baseball.

Their winning percentage of 0.671 separates  them a great deal from the rest of the American League and edges out the Dodgers in the NL! World Series appearance a virtual guarantee excluding major injuries.

Astros Best Winning Percentage


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  1. Astros just got CRUSHED in 3 game sweep by a very weak Oakland Athletic team. Astros have pathetic pitching staff. They will not even win their first playoff series. Correa is a shadow of the player he was before thumb injury. Who are the idiots who keep saying they will make deep playoff run because of their outstanding pitching staff?

    1. Keuchel is pitching like he is afraid of the Dodgers in game 5 of World Series. He walked two straight batters giving up two run single. Manager Hinch’s decision to take out Devensky and replace him with a very ineffective Closer name Giles in game 4 will COST the Astros the World Series this year. The Astros were winning until skipper Had TERRIBLE lapse in judgement!!!!

      Also Hinch failed again by not giving an immediate hook to McHugh after the below average pitcher walked the lead off hitter and the second hitter, both of which scored on HR allowed by McHugh. It’s not all on McHugh as the Astros bullpen sucks. Not being able to blank the Dodgers after the the Astros tied the game in bottom of fourth HURT BAD

      Center fielder George Springer selfishly went for a hot dog catch costing his team a run as ball got past him and rolled to centerfield wall. He could have kept runner at second base by not diving for ball that was not catchable.

      1. Did you hear how Yasiel Puig predicited there will be a game 7 in Los Angeles before the Dodgers even win game 6? Yes, I am talking about the same non-productive World Series batter who kisses his bat and throws middle school temper tantrums in outfield when things don’t go his way. He disrespected Verlander.

        Yasiel Puig has had a below average world series and has left MANY of his teammates on base stranded without driving them in. Not sure why he expects us to listen to him now! hahahaha ehheheheehhe. Manager Dave Roberts needs to have a talk with his immature and undisciplined outfielder(right field).

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