Little League World Champions 1956


In 1956 the Roswell-Hondo Stars won the Little League World Series in Williamsport Pennsylvania! The following brief description, courtesy of Trish Long of  the El Paso Times, helps citizens of Roswell, New Mexico relive that poignant, city uniting moment  that only a 60 year old might fondly remember! Ms Long’s role as an archivist makes all this nostalgia possible and many thanks to her. I miss those good old days when bankers would take a risk on a loan if they knew you. These days middle to low income families are sometimes forced to borrow from loan sharks increasing their financial problems further.

The following picture taken on Sunset Avenue in Roswell memorializes these young baseball player’s contribution to Roswell lore. The sign reads ” World Champion Memorial Park, Home of World Champions, World Series Aug. 21-24 1956, Lions Hondo Little League”. These little league players made their historical mark in a town where significant accomplishments are often overshadowed by UFO lore. 

1956: Roswell-Hondo Stars Win Little League World Title

August 25, 1956

Special to the El Paso Times

Williamsport, Pa. – The Roswell Lions-Hondo Little League All-Stars of Roswell, N.M., defeated Delaware Township, N.J., 3-1, here Friday to win the world championship of the Little League program.

Hero of the day was Tommy Jordan, who pitched and batted his team to the first world championship held by a New Mexico team. It was his fourth-inning home run over the center-filed scoreboard with two on which put Roswell into a lead which never was threatened.

In addition, Jordan fanned 14 men, walked one, gave up only two hits and hit one batsman. The two hits included a home run by Henry (Sweet Pea) Singleton, tiny Negro first baseman, in the third inning and a single by Fred Shapiro in the second.

It was the second year in arrow that Delaware Township had lost in the World Series finals.


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  1. Harold Hobson was a member of the Little league world championship team in 1956 I believe. He is the president of the very successful and fair priced Hobson Farms southeast of town. You can get some really good deals on fresh ripe produce there!

    1. Three cheers to RDR editor Timothy Howsare for reliving the single most significant event in Roswell History…..the winning of the little league World Series in 1956! Howsare photographed team members Farrell Dunham,Billy Turley, Harold Hobson,Tommy Jordan, and Jimmy Valdez. Nearly 10000 adoring fans were waiting for them at train station after they returned from Williamsport, Pennsylvania the birthplace of little league baseball! The young players even got to watch the Chicago White Sox play.

    2. Rex Booth expressed his disappointment that RDR does not communicate properly with historical society. RDR has a lot of pressure on them to print paper every day even with Monday’s off.

  2. Dusty Huckabee, Roswell city councilor, running against Natasha Mackey for his second term in Ward 1 reminisces about his childhood when the little league team from Missouri avenue school got on train to Pennsylvania along with Harold Hobson’s mother who called back the play by play to local radio station. The entire town met the victorious hardballers at train station. Huckabee also coordinates the important Main Street revitalization program.
    Jill McLaughlin wrote the informative historical piece in the RDR.

    1. Dusty’s better half Heidi Huckabee politely but fervently stood by her man in her letter to the editor of the RDR. Her very justified ire was aimed at Larry Connolly for not appreciating the labor and effort required to sustain and maintain the flower pots around town. Heidi’s disdain for Connolly was thinly veiled in her words and I don’t fault her. The city is full of critics of the beautification project who do not lift a finger towards its advancement!
      Maybe after Larry has remove sperm filled condoms and drug needles out of about 10 flower pots, his opinion will be valued

      1. I can not conceal my disappointment that Dusty Huckabee will not be the steward of the 86000 dollars awarded to MSR. Much of the criticism directed and deflected by his wife Heidi was unjust and people just blowing a lot of hot air!!

    2. The city could not have found a better replacement for Dusty in the form of the well liked and wildly popular Entertainer Singer Tom Blake. Our new MainStreet director was rolling up his sleeves and working with his subordinates decorating lamp posts in downtown Roswell. He can save the city money by scheduling himself to sing and dance. That boy can carry a note!

      1. Does anybody know if Tom Blake was forced out of Executive Director Position by Mayor Dennis Kintigh? That seems to be the trend that is emerging in the town a mere 95 miles south of the cultural center of Vaughn NM where mile long trains loaded with vital goods intersect! Molly Boyles has some big shoes and musical chops to fill. Tom was a good fit for the job! I smell a former FBI Rat.

  3. Manager Ed Gaeto Has done one helluva job leading his eastdale Albuquerque little league baseball team to the threshold already crossed by Roswell team. We will soon find out if his team can match the achievement of a much smaller town with substantially fewer resources.

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