Recreational Killing Pathology of the Elite


Alfred Hitchcock’s Rope was such a widely acclaimed thriller produced in 1948 that it could withstand the crudely fake Manhattan skyline you see in picture below.

Modern movie viewers would not tolerate the constant background scene with white cumulus clouds in fixed positions near Empire State Building.

Two Columbia graduates murder somebody they perceive as inferior. They hide him in a large chest that was temporarily used as dining table at party where the victim’s parents and girlfriend were invitees.

Jimmy Stewart played the former professor of the two gay men who strangled the victim. The professor espoused the murder of worthless people who burdened society. This allowed Rupert to surmise his former students killed David via strangulation with a rope. Rupert changed his views firing a gun into the air from the NYC apartment alerting the police and leading to the arrest of the perpetrators.


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