Road Runners, Coyotes, and Bricks


Thanks to the RDR Vistas section organizer Mr Dickman for injecting a historical component into the voice of the Pecos Valley.

The historical society for Southeast New Mexico provided this photograph of school house ruins in the ghost town of Acme,NM.  Acme is located about 25 miles northeast of Roswell off US Highway 70.

The caption humorously refers to Acme as a company that made weapons of mass destruction for the Road Runner  to plunder his nemesis Wile E. Coyote(You historical society boys are forgiven for your egregious misspelling Wiley LOL) . I know all you 45+ have memory seared images of a flattened, burn’t to a crisp desert varmint circulating through your minds about now.

I guess there must be no signage for Acme as one is driving east on HW 70 towards Texas before Tatum. At least we have never seen any.


Old dilapidated school house in the former brick manufacturing ghost town of Acme NM
Old dilapidated school house in the former brick manufacturing ghost town of Acme NM



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  1. Thank you Juliana King for enumerating the many contributions of Dusty Huckabee and his wife to the growth and culture of Roswell NM! Did not know or consider the difficulty of shutting down Main Street(US285) in order for Xmas light parade to be possible. He must have gotten permission from state to put detour signs etc.

    We also have him to thank for the chili cheese festival and after 5pm music downtown. May I ask why the address of the Howard Mansion was not disclosed in your well written informative article? Do the Huckabees live there?

  2. Former Roswell NM resident Steve Scarano appears to have moved to Southern California due to the violence that has up ticked in his idyllic childhood hometown. He urges readers to view initials etched in cement on West Eyman Street. “Stephen and Kristine 1957” clinging to a peaceful safe past where kids could playfully walk around on the Air Force base during Cold War years. The base was decommissioned around 1965 leaving the marine veteran searching for nostalgic terra firma. This man full of memories like Camp Wehinahpay in Sacramento Mountains near Mayhill is blessed to be endowed with an exceptional retentive memory. Steve Scareano can NOT be faulted for being scared of and moving away from his dangerous childhood domain

    1. Stephen’s wife Theresa Scarano designs props for a musical company in Ventura, California She has done a little of everything in her active career including theatre and dance, scenic design, technical director. She has also stage managed for many dance companies including California Ballet Company.

    2. Scarano would not be shocked to learn Jonathan Charles Jeter was arrested in connection with multiple shootings in the parking lot of Epiq nightclub on 3905 southeast Main Street. He was arrested in 500 block of Cypress. It was result of fight in night club owned by Brenda Esquivel a hip hop Latino music pick up bar.(una vez más podemos decir la gente no entiende que peter se mete en sus personajes la barba es por un protagonico. 😡😒)

      1. There was just another shooting or criminal activity at epiq night club recently. Probably just another nasty love triangle.
        David Pierce of KOAT reported the 22 year old man was shot around 2 am in parking lot sustaining not life threatening injuries.

    3. Michael Kerr, a Lexington Kentucky cook, was arrested last week after attacking the flight crew including an attractive black woman on a plane in Charlotte. Portofino managing partner Robert Carter fired the punk’s ass. This will follow you around for the rest of your life Michael. You will lucky even to get hired by Fast Food places. Do you have problems being given an order by a negro woman.

    4. Tragedy strikes in Roswell NM. 25 year old Adelina Tavarez was dead on her doorstep at a Forest place address. No gunshot or stabbing wounds or noticeable signs of struggle. RIP

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