Some snippets on the Oldest club in Roswell,NM


Christina Stock summoned Watty Piper’s The little engine that could replacing engine with club in her historical piece about The Roswell Woman’s Club.

The RWC is the oldest club in town which first assembled in 1895(making the club an astonishing 120 years old) in the Hamilton home whose family owned the weekly newspaper named the Rowell Editor.

Members of the club were only known by their initials and husband’s last name. The original function of RWC was to exchange magazines and books amongst the members which allowed not particularly cultured farm and ranch girls to be inculcated with the ethos and more well rounded education possessed by women hailing from “back east”.

Husbands were apprehensive about their better halves taking interest in women’s suffrage and temperance. Roswell was a cow town replete with bars, gambling, and brothels and probably was not too excited about this culture and civility injection.

Former RWC president Betty Beagles noted the incongruity of inducing Cowboys to have an appreciation of literature and any politics advancing the view that women should be allowed to vote.

The day to day promotion and organization of this female only organization is coordinated by Vice President Sharon Lombardi who tabulates the community volunteer hours of club members.  Thanks to her for bringing her talents as  the Executive Director of Dairy Producers of New Mexico to this very important club in our community. They have a monthly luncheon that assembles at New Mexico Historical Society Archives Building address 208 North Lea.


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